March 17, 2011 - St. Patrick Day Madness in Tokyo

japan evacuation zone
I'm not a radiation expert, but I also don't care what any radiation expert tells me. However far I am instructed to evacuate from an area of massive amounts of radiation…I am probably going to at least double it…or I may just go to the complete opposite side of the world.

march madness officially begins - If you're wondering why it seems no one is getting anything done today…I mean, even more than normal…
grant hill responds to the fab five - You'd think after going to Duke that Mr. Hill would be used to people dislking him with very little reasoning behind it.
st. patrick's day - If you're not busy watching basketball…or too hungover from last weekend…go have a green beer to celebrate that little Irish leprechaun saint.
bahrain conflict escalating - Just in case you forgot, all that conflict in the Middle East…yeah, that's still going on.
wax bieber revealed
As if one Bieber wasn't enough…I'm just waiting for the wax Bieber to get his own Twitter account.
american pie reunion movie - The wait is almost over, friends…the cast of American Pie is getting back together for some, uhhh, early-30's hijinks?
retired officer yells at current officer - I guess you don't get a free pass to commit any type of crime if you retire from the police force. I mean, why even become a cop now?
venezuela to ban breast implants? - There's got to be a good reason for this…the men of Venezuela just can't figure out what it is.
facebook adds edit feature - Tired of looking stupid with your comments on Facebook…well, this actually probably won't make you any less stupid. Sorry.

rob lowe
A popular young pretty-boy film star in the 1980's, Lowe was one of the members of the Brat Pack, before falling off for a decade or so, and then making a big comeback later in his career, mainly on television. Oh yeah, his middle name is Helper…which is enough to justify his fame for me.

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