March 18, 2011 - Morehead Has More Heart

morehead state pulls the upset
Morehead State comes from 4 down with 30 seconds to go to win with a blocked shot at the buzzer by their dreadlocked star, Kenneth Faried, proving once again, that, on any given day, if everything goes exactly right, any team can win any game in this tournament, and also means you should probably just stop trying to guess who's going to win each game.

kidney donor gives hiv as well - They say that it's better to give than to receive...well, I guess that's true most of the time...
japanese yen effected by crisis - Wondering what to do with all those Japanese Yen you have locked up in your home safe? Here's the inside scoop...
un intervenes in libya - The UN finally stopped watching all those viral tsunami videos long enough to make a decision to try to shut down the violent operations of that Gaddafi character.
yemen forces open fire at protest - Right on cue, as Libyan violence slows down for a day, Yemen forces try to pick up the Middle East insanity slack...
wedding gowns at costco
I won't be impressed until you can actually get married at Costco, and have the reception catered by the free samples they hand out.
china's salt panic - What does any rational Chinese person do when they face radiation fears? Start stocking up on salt, obviously.
fergie's face? - You know Fergie's face really looked different if all these people noticed it amongst all those ridiculous outfits her bandmates wear.
can hippo save school - Follow-up story from the future: school district fires idiots who thought magical hippo could make $4 million budget deficit disappear.
amish drag racing buggy - Strangely enough, this guy still got pulled over for going below the minimum speed limit...

queen latifah
Her real name is Dana Owens...which is obviously much more pedestrian than her stage name, Queen Latifah. These days, I'm just not sure if she's more famous for being one of the most well-known female rappers, or for being a strangely successful actress in a variety of mediocre comedy movies as well as her own sitcom, Living Single. Either way, everyone seems to know and respect this Queen.

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