March 19-20, 2011 - fresh weekend NATE DOGG knowledge

Nate Dogg is gone, but we're doing our part to make sure he's not is Water Cooler, The's definitive look at the ultimate sidekick's top 10 guest appearances of all-time.
regulate (Warren G)
This is obviously where it all began. The song was credited to Warren G, but anybody who is anybody knows that N-A-T-E was the true force behind this mid-90's jam.
area codes (Ludacris)
Surely, when writing this song, Ludacris knew that only Nate Dogg could properly capture the joy of having hoes in different areas of the country.
the next episode (Dr. Dre)
He didn't have a major part in this short song, but who can forget his advice to "Smoke weed every day!"
oh no (Mos Def)
His signature delivery never made someone yelling "Oh no!" sound so pleasant.
ain't no fun (Snoop Dogg)
It certainly ain't no fun if the homies can't have none, and Nate Dogg made sure that the message was very clear.
behind the walls (Kurupt)
For a man who had never been behind bars, Nate Dogg told the story of prison life as well as anyone since Johnny Cash.
all about u (2Pac)
Rap legend 2Pac knew that his classic double album All Eyez On Me would not complete without a hook from Nate Dogg.
shake that (Eminem)
Nate Dogg spends this track basically telling a girl to "Shake that ass for me" and I'll be damned if it didn't have me moving a little by the end.
can't deny it (Fabolous)
How do you make a name for yourself in the rap game? How about you throw Nate Dogg on the hook of your first single? It seemed to work for Fabolous.
the setup (Obie Trice)
My favorite underrated Nate Dogg song. Nate drives home the fact that maybe Obie's lady friend isn't being completely honest with him.

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  1. Just so sad. Some great tunes came out of him. Thanks for the memories.


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