March 21, 2011 - UN Thinks Libya is the Bomb!

un forces launch attack on libya
Talk about March Madness! Colonel Gaddafi (Ghadafi? Qaddafi?) and the rest of his crew finally got a little taste of their own medicine this weekend as the UN authorized forces to protect Libyan citizens at all costs, which I assume just meant they could bomb the hell out of Muammar and his men as they please.

wyclef jean shot in haiti - Meanwhile, in Haiti, Wyclef Jean was shot! Oh, just in the hand. No wait, I guess maybe he just cut his hand on glass?
march madness first weekend - So, between Wyclef being shot and/or cut, and UN forces bombing might think actual March Madness couldn't have matched up in controversy or excitement...well, you were wrong.
fda to ban menthol cigarettes? - Which means you might have to use regular cigarettes to shorten your lifespan from now on.
at&t to buy t-mobile - I guess those Apple-copycat commercials with the chick in the pink dress annoyed AT&T so much that they bought T-Mobile just to make them stop.
fat chick on asians in the library
If you missed this story a few days ago, well, don't worry, you can catch up on young racism in viral videos right now.
charlie sheen tour details - Apparently his tour will most involve stuff that is winning, duh!
pictures of the supermoon - Looks like a normal moon to me, but if you like pictures of the regular moon, then I guess you will like these too.
woman opposes standardized testing - I know what you are thinking, but it's not Sarah Palin...
man with knife on court at nba game - Ughhhhh, I know exactly how these NBA players feel. I hate when knife-wielding nutjobs show up at my job.

rosie o'donnell
She was, at one time, arguably the most famous lesbian in the world…but that was before Ellen DeGeneres came around, and actually before we officially knew that Rosie was a lesbian. Of course, since then, she has famously feuded with Donald Trump, everyone on The View, and most of the rest of the world, but she is still hot as she ever was.

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