March 22, 2011 - AT&T&T-Mobile

at&t t-mobile merger backlash
The good news for T-Mobile subscribers is that now they can probably get an iPhone. The bad news for everyone is that usually having fewer competitors in a marketplace is not a good thing, unless you are one of those people who likes having fewer choices.

first us face transplant - I'm guessing they didn't count the dual face transplant seen in the John Travolta/Nic Cage action film Face/Off.
what bret michaels taught charlie sheen - Apparently, Charlie Sheen learned to trash hotel rooms from the former Poison rocker...who may have also taught him how to defy drug-related death.
tennessee fires bruce pearl - I have to imagine this decision wouldn't have come so quick if Tennessee didn't get destroyed by 30 points in their opening round tournament game.
japanese radiation fears ease - All fish in the area around the damaged nuclear plant will probably only end up with 3 more.
high dive into shallow pool
You thought this only happened in cartoons...
400 pound marathoner - Running a marathons doesn't seem like a great idea at any weight, so I can't imagine why you'd want to do it at 400 pounds.
kansas state coach's overreaction - "Why are you guys in this press conference trying to ask my player questions?! What is wrong with you?!"
how to open beer with chainsaw - Of course, a simple bottle opener can accomplish the same thing.
tournament school best drunk foods - Be warned, these foods all look ridiculously disgusting when you're not drunk.

william shatner
Shatner is known for everything from his days on Star Trek to his spoken word performance of Rocket Man to his current stint as the spokesman for Of course, as he turns 80 today, I still will always remember him for hosting Rescue 911.


  1. Shatner's new show is actually funny. I really hope this AT&T-T-mobile merge doesn't mean that I will have to give up my data plan :-S

  2. Do you know who else hated choices???

    Mel Gibson and Adolf Hitler! THAT'S WHO!!!


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