March 23, 2011 - Liz Taylor Exits Stage Left

elizabeth taylor dies
What can you say about Elizabeth Taylor? I know she was married a lot, and apparently she was a pretty big-time actress, but as far as I can tell, her best days were long, long, long before I was born.

barry bonds trial - Barry Bonds perjury trial is under way. He is just hoping that the court judges him more favorably than the public has.
chris brown outburst on good morning america - If you thought Chris Brown was over that whole Rihanna thing, and had begun to rehabilitate his public image, might not want to watch this.
explosions continue in libya - Surprisingly, Colonel Gaddafi has yet to give up, even as he sits in a palace that no longer has any walls.
radiation in tokyo's water - There's enough radiation in the water in Tokyo to make it unsafe for infants, which is enough to stop me from drinking Tokyo water ever again.
cameraman sued for bad wedding video
Apparently the couple wanted him to actually film parts of the wedding, not just leave the camera laying around while he filmed another wedding. They should have mentioned that when they hired him...
baby with adult laugh - The baby's laugh is funny, but the craziest part about this is how the baby keeps laughing at the dad's stupid trick.
sex can kill you - Of course, if you're in horrendous shape, a lot of things can kill you.
parents protest girl with allergies - Nothing says good parenting like shunning a 6 year-old girl because of an uncontrollable allergy condition...
mom arrested for telling son to fight - ...or encouraging your son to beat the hell out of another young boy.

perez hilton
The self-made Cuban gossip queen that no one seems to like very much became famous by ripping celebrities on his website and then wondering why no one really likes him.

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