March 24, 2011 - Portugal's Money Is No Good Here

economic crisis in portugal
It seems that in 2011 we had almost forgotten about economic crises, between all the political unrest and natural disasters, but leave it to those crazy Portugese to give the European Union a not-so-subtle reminder.

firefox 4 beats out internet explorer 9 - Meaning that it seems the only people that use Internet Explorer these days are the people on public computers with no other choices.
japan nuclear reactor status - In case you were wondering, the nuclear drama continues continuing in Japan.
sweet 16 games - Butler was a great story last year, but this year, it just seems like they're kinda like the new Duke...go VCU!
libyan violence continues - It seems like you can only count on two things these days: Japanese radiation and Libyan violence.
large chinese toddler
When I say large, I mean gigantic...I don't know whether to laugh, cry or both.
12 year old killer beer pong skills - Of course, when he has to actually start drinking and throwing ping pong balls, I can't imagine he'll be able to pull this kind of stuff off.
119 year old woman - Just two more years, and she'll be 100 years older than the legal drinking age...which, I think, means free drinks at any bar.
mother gives 8 year-old daughter botox - But, I thought the point of Botox was to make your skin look like an 8 year-old's?
hotel for chickens - It's not a movie, it's a real place, which will probably go out of business shortly, seeing how little money most chickens earn these days.

peyton manning
Can you believe at one time, there was a debate over whether the Indianapolis Colts should have selected Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf as the #1 pick in the NFL Draft? Who would have thought the guy who ended up in Indianapolis would become an all-time great, while the other guy got to go to San Diego, and became an all-time bust?

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