March 25, 2011 - Duke's Defense Denied

duke loses in sweet 16
The country mourns as America's team loses to the team that America loves to hate...that's right, Arizona beat Duke. Wait, everyone loves Duke, right?

u.s. census data - I guess, after what seems like years and years, they're done counting all the people in can read the results here, if you're into that kind of thing.
amaerican idol surprise results - Meanwhile, it only took American Idol 24 hours to count their results, and almost as exciting as all that census stuff.
nato takes over in libya - The U.S. has handed over control of the no-fly zone in Libya to NATO, a country I have never even heard of.
air traffic controller fatigue issues - Sitting in that little tower controlling air traffic is not nearly as exciting as it might seem.
shark swimming by kayaker
Maybe someone should tell that guy that he's about to be eaten?
man gets high, feeds bears... - can guess what happens next. That's right, he gets hurt and applies for and gets worker's comp.
burger king brawl - No trip to Burger King on spring break is complete without a couple of chicks brawling.
high school secretary/porn star - If you're a porn star looking for a normal job where you might not be recognized, a high school is probably not the best place.
boy rips pants, lies about it - "Uhhhh, no, mom, I didn't fall and rip my pants, I was, uhhh, I was grazed by a bullet in the knee!"

elton john
The legendary British singer basically made being gay socially acceptable, or, at least more socially acceptable, kinda...after he came out of the closet, after he was unsuccessfully married to a woman in the 1970's.

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