March 26-27, 2011 - fresh weekend DAYS knowledge

With Rebecca Black and her, uhhhh, simple song about a certain day of the week absolutely taking over the world over the past week and overshadowing natural disasters in Japan, complete civil unrest in the Middle East, and economic crises in Europe, I figured there's no better time to examine the best songs about days of the week ever written. Don't worry, Wednesday fans...we even found a song about your day.
friday (rebecca black)
This now-legendary viral video is not only about a day of the week, but it also explains how the weekend works, just in case you forgot which two days come after Friday...
saturday in the park (chicago)
What better way to spend a Saturday than in the park. You'd almost think it was the Fourth of July…
manic monday (the bangles)
Remember, you can avoid manic Mondays. Just remember to take your pills.
tuesday's gone (lynyrd skynyrd)
This song was clearly written on a Wednesday.
easy like sunday morning (the commodores)
Sure, Sunday morning is easy, compared to those manic Mondays just 24 hours away…
seven days (craig david)
This one covers ever an entire relationship over the course of a single week.
wednesday morning, 3am (simon & garfunkel)
I had never heard this song before today…of course, I'm not sure I can remember the last time I was awake on a Wednesday morning at 3am either.
thursdays child (david bowie)
Here's another song you might not have heard before, but you can imagine what it's about…well, maybe not.
saturday night fever (the bee gees)
There's nothing worse than coming down with a fever on Saturday night, just when you are ready to strap on the dancing shoes and head out…
eight days a week (the beatles)
I don't know how things worked in the U.K. in the 1950's and 60's, but I have to imagine the U.S. fans were shocked when they heard this one for the first time.


  1. Aww! My U2 selection didn't make it! It's cool!

  2. The Commodores and lynyrd skynyrd made it =)
    --I cheated and looked up the one for Thursday.


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