March 28, 2011 - We See You VCU!

final four field set
Ughhhhh, is anyone else getting sick of Butler making the Final Four every year? At least we can cheer on VCU, which I am pretty sure is just George Mason in disguise?

walmart sex discrimination case - Of course, this lawsuit ignores the fact that no one who works at WalMart should be happy with what they are piad.
gaddafi exit strategy - I guess what this says is if we want Gaddafi to leave Libya, maybe we should help find him a way to leave Libya?
japanese nuclear workers emails - If you're wondering what it's like for the endangered nuclear workers in Japan, these e-mails should tell you very little, since the Japanese are so polite and relatively upbeat, it seems.
reese witherspoon married - Tough break for all the men out there who have dreamed of marrying a hot blonde Harvard Law grad...or someone who has played one.
snoop gets a nate dogg tat
The end of a G-Funk era can only be properly remembered through a drawing on one's skin.
crazy mountain reflection - This video just goes to prove that sometimes the grass is greener in the reflection in the lake.
cool steel plant accident - These guys are really calm considering all the scalding hot metal flying around them.
autistic boy develops his own theory of relativity - No offense, but that sounds extremely boring.
jose canseco's twin brother boxes for him - If you can tell the difference between Ozzie and Jose Canseco, I think you have way too much time on your hands.

vince vaughn
The world's tallest actor made his name on Swingers telling people they were "so money." Then he put on a few pounds and started crashing weddings and dating Jen Aniston on and off.

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