March 29, 2011 - Time To Sell (Out) Bonds?

mistress testifies against barry bonbds
Do we really need a trial to prove that Barry Bonds did steroids? Did you ever see the guy during the last decade?

obama's libya speech - For those of you who don't know why we invaded Libya, I'm pretty sure it's because of that crazy cross-eyed dictator with a penchant for killing his people.
amazon offers free online storage - Now you just need some physical storage to hide all those books that the Kindle made obsolete. I actually would only need room for like 2-3 books...
britney spears on good morning america - No, she didn't go smashing anything like Chris Brown. That's probably because her ex is a fat backup dancer and not Rihanna.
natalie portman didn't dance in black swan? - Fortunately, I used a body double to watch Black Swan, so this doesn't even effect me.
scary airline safety video
I hope they blocked off the emergency exit before showing this thing on...otherwise there would be a lot of people heading for that slide.
2500 rubber ducks stolen - The sad part is that I have to imagine you need to do some planning to steal 2500 rubber ducks. You can't just walk in and carry those out.
clown charge with sexual assault - As if we need more reasons to be scared of clowns...
mom kicked off bus for laughing baby - This really only makes sense if the baby was laughing or mocking the bus driver, right?
sheep gives birth to dog? - The local sheep-dog has some explaining to do...

lucy lawless
She is from New Zealand and played Xena: Warrior Princess on TV. Do you really need to know anything else?

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