March 4, 2011 - Banning Youthful Unruliness

byu basketabll honor code saga
I don't try to judge people for their religious beliefs...well, I should say I try not to...sometimes, but really, what's the point of being a big-time college basketball star if you can't use it to impress the ladies. If every school had this rule, I don't even know if we could field any teams.

nfl labor talks - The only people who win in this battle are the season ticket holders who can save some of that large sum of money they would normally fork over to watch a bunch of dudes knock each other around.
sheen selling on twitter - He is the quickest person to 1,000,000 followers on Twitter ever...he's also unemployed...or he was, until he started pitching items on Twitter. Winning!
missing fbi agent found in asia - I guess the guy went missing in Iran 4 years ago and just turned up in Asia...not sure how that happened, but I am guessing he forgot to bring his iPhone on the trip.
americans not getting enough sleep - I know what this article is talking about...I'm about ready for a nap.
chaz(tity) bono
No one really knew what to expect when Cher and Sonny Bono procreated, but I am pretty sure no one was expecting an overweight lesbian turned transgender gay rights activist named Chaz.
female singers performed for gadhafi
Just a tip: no matter how much they pay, it is never good PR to perform a private concert for any type of dictator.
man speeds with wife on hood
The dude was high on speed, so I'm not entirely sure what the wife was expecting when she jumped onto the hood of his car as he started to drive off...
best warning labels ever
There's no such thing as a dumb warning label...just dumb people who need to read dumb warning labels.
the jersey floor with jimmy fallon
For my money, the Jersey Floor is more exciting than the Jersey Shore.
sheen costar working for ellen
The other full man of Charlie's 2 1/2 men has been forced into adminstrative labor to pay the bills...

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  1. How, exactly, can one prove that Davies violated the honor code? Beyond a reasonable doubt. Although I suppose reason doesn't really mean anything at a school like BYU?


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