March 2, 2011 - Your iPad is About to Become Outdated

apple announcing ipad2?
Apple has scheduled a big announcement for today…I wonder what it could be about. Maybe they will announce the announcement date for the iPad 3?

new dancing with the stars cast - The early favorite is Kendra Wilkinson…I'm guessing she probably did a lot of dancing for Hef when she lived in the mansion? Personally, I'm putting my money on Kirstie Alley…
christina aguilera arrested - I guess she was arrested for public intoxication…she's still got a long long ways to go to catch up to her teen rival, Britney Spears.
charlie sheen now on twitter - For those of you into watching the psychological mess of a celebrity that used to be Charlie Sheen…the show has found a new outlet on Twitter.
dior designer fired for comments - This guy is like the Mel Gibson of the fashion world…yeah, go ahead and think about that for a minute.
jon bon jovi
This New Jersey rocker is turning 49, which means if he was only a female, he'd be getting close to the age of the people who actually enjoy his music.
reggie bush - The man who was supposed to be a sure thing in the NFL probably did a better job of earning his money during his college days.
chris martin - He's married to the do-it-all actress turned pop star, Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh, I guess he's in some band himself, too.
baby trashes bar
You will either find this totally appalling and objectionable, or completely hilarious.
the old man dance
There's nothing funnier than an old man doing a crazy dance…there's also nothing more frightening.
the computer voice marathon man
We all know running marathons is crazy, but it takes a cartoon with a computer voice to really drive the point home.
david beckham's jesus tattoo
It's a tattoo of David Beckham…as Jesus…on David Beckham.
soccer player to jail for kicking owl
So, let me get this straight, you get rewarded for pretending to be hurt, but you go to jail for kicking an owl? I don't get soccer.

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