February 9, 2011 - Wasted Talent and Other Crimes

lindsay lohan charged with grand theft
Really Short Story: I never knew why people were always judging Lindsay Lohan. I mean, I know she has had drug problems and legal problems and she hasn't really made a good film since Mean Girls, but still, I believed that she was headed in the right direction after a recent stint in rehab. Unfortunately, it appears the only direction she was headed in was to the jewelry store to get a free necklace.

the OTHER big news:
study findings on toyota acceleration - It would appear it is a mechanical issue and not an electronic issue that has been causing all those problems with Toyotas. Of course, I have no idea what that means or what implications it has.
packers super bowl parade - You know this really means a lot to a city like Green Bay, a city that has absolutely nothing else to celebrate.
keith olbermann moves - Keith Olbermann is taking his talents to Current TV, which makes one wonder, uhhh, what the hell is Current TV?
mubarak to get safehaven in germany? - He'll get a lot more than safehaven. He'll probably get some quality German sausages and beer as well.
joe pesci
February 9, 2011: joe pesci Day!
WHY?: I know you probably don't know a whole lot about Joe Pesci other than he's really short and he doesn't like being called "funny," especially if it is funny like a clown. However, you probably didn't know that he started out as an aspiring singer before moving on to acting. He's been nominated for two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor, but only won an MTV Movie Award for his role in my favorite of his movies, My Cousin Vinny. However, he retired from acting in 1999, and started dating former model Angie Everhart a few years later. If that's not the most shocking accomplishment of his career, I don't know what is.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
jim cramer - This Mad Money madman proves just how little people really know about the stock markets.
john calipari - He's never been formally accused of any wrongdoing, but both schools he went to the Final Four with later forfeited those appearances…just saying.
glenn beck - Glenn Beck has a face, a mind, and a personality that only a mother could love, but only if she was really really loving.
detroit mayor rejects robocop statue
This really has to make you wonder if Detroit mayor Dave Bing is truly commited to restoring Detroit to its former glory.
glenn beck on nfl patriotism
I'd like to see Glenn Beck say this to Troy Polamalu's face though. No, seriously, I'd love to see it.
armed rooster kills man
I can't imagine a worse way to go out than getting stabbed at a cockfight…I mean, the possible headlines are frightening.
prince kicks kim kardashian off stage
You can't help but get the feeling that he only pulled her up on stage so he could kick her off a moment later.
fox licking a window
It is what it is, man…I can't explain it, but you should probably watch it.


  1. The fox-licking-window video cracks me up, hard-core! Both strange and frightening, which oddly enough provokes laughter.

  2. I vote for Glenn Beck.

    I have always heard Joe Pesci was a pimp. My first impression of him was from the Home Alone movies. Therefore when I saw Casino, Raging Bull and Goodfellas, it was very difficult for me to perceive him as a hardass opposed to a clumsy buffoon that falls for all of that little bastard, Macauley Culkin's tricks.

  3. Btw, sorry for not being around in a while... still netless since moving. I just can't seem to get myself to not be stingy with my money. I am becoming Mr. Krabs.


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