February 8, 2011 - Search for Egyptian Google Exec Successful

google exec released in egypt
Really Short Story: One of the men credited with showing Egyptians how to use social media to organize massive protests has been released from jail nearly a week after disappearing. Of course, if you had been following him on Twitter, you already knew all that.

the OTHER big news:
obama urges businesses to hire - Come on, guys, if this doesn't work, he might have to start begging, and that wouldn't be very Presidential.
dem jane harman resigns from congress - Another House Dem bites the dust! Although, I'm not really sure why she would quit, or why she ran for the seat in the first place if she was just going to quit.
man found guilty of beheading wife - Apparently, this is somehow only considered second-degree murder. Now, I'm not an expert on the law, but that seems a little strange…
us stance on egypt - Do you know what it is? I don't. This article really doesn't. I'm not sure the White House knows just yet.
gary coleman
February 8, 2011: gary coleman Day!
WHY?: Arguably the most famous miniature sitcom star of all-time (sorry, Webster!) Coleman was actually adopted in real life, but not by an elderly, (lonely?) wealthy white man living in New York City, and he did not have a brother named Willis. I was shocked to learn that Gary was just 10 when he started on Different Strokes. I had always thought that he was a 45 year-old man playing a 10 year-old. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you are aware...Coleman's life was not all $100,000 an episode sitcoms. He had two kidney transplants before the age of 16, sued his parents for taking his money, never grew past 4'8" and died at the age of 42.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
joe pesci - He kinda reminds me of my cousin Vinny, or a shorter, more famous, more Italian version.
john kruk - The starting point for any argument that claims baseball players aren't athletes.
thomas paine - I've never read it, but I love this guy for the fact that he wrote a book called "Common Sense" and it was a huge hit.
most memorable super bowl ads all time
Okay, done hearing about this year's ads? We get it, Eminem, Chrysler, Volkswagen, little Darth… Here are some classics.
displaced super bowl fans
Over 400 fans were forced out of their seats for this year's big game. Don't worry, they'll have the opportunity to be kicked out of a more tropical destination next year.
most miserable cities
This list is different from that of Fox News, which listed every city that was under Obama's rule as the most miserable.
alternate casting decisions
What if Michelle Pfeiffer had played Julia Roberts' role in Pretty Woman. Yeah, I don't care either…
a .gay domain?
I guess then you would never have any excuse for "accidentally" landing on a gay porn site in a public computer lab.

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