February 7, 2011 - Mr. Rodgers' Championship Neighborhood

packers win the super bowl
Really Short Story: As the city of Green Bay celebrates their 4th Super Bowl, and finally maybe comes to terms with the end of the Brett Favre era once and for all, why is it that every thought I have about this championship comes back to Brett Favre, who probably spent the game at a bar looking for young chicks to send text messages to.

the OTHER big news:
aol acquires huffington post - I know what you're thinking, AOL is still around?
christina aguilera messes up national anthem - To be fair, it's probably hard singing and remembering all the words underneath 15 lbs of makeup.
still protesting in egypt - ...and back to real world issues. It doesn't seem protesters in Egypt took the day off to watch the big game.
frat party shooting in ohio - This is a real shame. The most dangerous thing that should ever happen at a frat party is a failed keg stand.
chris rock
February 7, 2011: chris rock Day!
WHY?: Chris Rock is one of those rare characters in Hollywood that comes along every once in a while. He is, without question, one of the most hilarious standup acts in modern history. His high-pitched delivery is among the most distinctive in the world. Yet, as funny as he is on the stage, he has found somewhat minimal success on the camera despite being given chance after chance, from Saturday Night Live to movies like CB4 and Head of State. In fact, his most successful non-standup endeavor is probably a TV show based on his life as a youth, Everybody Hates Chris, in which he has no on-camera role other than the narrator. Nevertheless, we won't hold it against him, and a lot of people will probably keep watching his movies, just hoping that one day he can make something that can come close to approaching the magic that he has in standup.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
gary coleman - I don't know about you, but I'm definitely still trying to come to grips with the fact that little Arnold is no longer with us.
nick nolte - He used to be in movies, but you probably remember him more for the most famous celebrity mugshot of all time.
ted koppel - There was a time when we had distinguished gentlemen like Ted Koppel deliver our nightly news...
homeaway.com test baby
Did it get your attention? Yes. Still, is it a good idea to simulate a baby being thrown at a window? Probably not.
volkswagen the force
Everyone thinks this is so cute. I think it's just a delusional little kid.
groupon tibet
Have you ever wondered why people think America can come across as uncaring or maybe a bit ignorant when it comes to empathizing with the rest of the world? I guess this is why...
chrysler eminem
Millions of rich kids from the suburbs wake up today asking their parents if they can trade in the Mercedes for an Eminem version of a Chrysler.
best buy bieber ozzy
What happens when you put together two talented musicians who are probably 100 times more famous than they should be?

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