February 5-6, 2011 - fresh SUPER BOWL weekend VIEWING GUIDE

Think you're ready to watch the Super Bowl? Think again. Don't get caught looking stupid, or worse yet, ignorant, when your friends ask you who you like better: Clay Matthews or Troy Polamalu. Check out wc,t's SUPER BOWL VIEWING GUIDE and KNOW the difference...kinda.
THE BEARDS (and the QBs behind them)
PIT ben roethlisberger
On the evolutionary scale, I believe we go from Caveman to Roethlisberger to man. Think of him as a more legally-challenged, barbaric version of Tom Brady.
GB aaron rodgers
For a slightly more refined version of the modern QB, look no further than Aaron Rodgers, who was very purposefully not mentored by Brett Favre. Oh well, looks like maybe Favre should have spent more time mentoring and less time learning how to text?
GB clay matthews
This second-year defensive beast is from a lineage of football royalty…and even if he didn't play like a god, his long flowing blonde locks make him resemble one…if the gods could bench like 500 lbs.
PIT troy polamalu
Arguably the most famous hair in NFL history, behind perhaps only Terry Bradshaw, but Bradshaw wasn't getting any shampoo endorsement deals in his day.
GB charles woodson
The former Heisman winner can actually remember a time when Michigan had a decent football program…that's how old he is.
PIT hines ward
Probably the only Japanese-born dirty-playing wide receiver who plays in a stadium (Heinz Field) that sounds like it was built just for him.
GB greg jennings
At 27 years old, he's hitting his WR prime and leading arguably the best wide receivering corp in the game. Probably the best WR to ever come out of Western Michigan…or just the best anything, and not just in the NFL.
PIT rashard mendenhall
He's only 23 years old, and probably hoping that his future holds a Jerome Bettis type career arc rather than that of Willie Parker. (Who? Exactly…)
PIT james harrison
If you think Hines Ward plays dirty, Harrison destroyed two Browns players in one game, and single-handedly reminded the entire world that football is kinda dangerous.
GB bj raji
Busari Raji, Jr. is the hottest new fatboy to hit the NFL since William "Refrigerator" Perry.

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