February 3, 2011 - Where There's Smoke, There's An Arrest!

ny smoking ban in public
Really Short Story: New York City has voted to ban smoking at parks and at the beach, and I don't know about you, but I think that kills the whole atmosphere. Who goes to the beach or park to get fresh air anyway?

the OTHER big news:
healthcare not repealed - As promised, Republicans tried to repeal healthcare in the Senate, even though they knew it wouldn't succeed. Good to see our tax dollars hard at work…
egyptian protests turn violent - I guess you can only protest against protests for so long before you need to break something…or some one.
massive winter storm - Sure, Oklahoma or Kansas City might not be able to handle a little snow, but I guess you know it's a serious winter storm when it shuts down Chicago.
principal shot in california - Proving, once again, that contrary to popular belief the principal is not everyone's pal….even the janitor's.
isla fisher
February 3, 2011: isla fisher Day!
WHY?: She is the rarest of rare: a beautiful Scottish-Australian actress. Well, I suppose that by itself is not the rarest of rare, but throw in her brilliant scene-stealing performance in Wedding Crashers, and her marriage to the hilarious but often misunderstood Borat, and you have a very special young lady. Forget the fact that she hasn't starred in anything much other than Wedding Crashers, and focus on the fact that she converted to Judaism just to get a shot at marrying Sacha Baron Cohen (who, as it turns out, just plays the character Borat.)

TOMORROW'S contenders:
oscar de la hoya - The Golden Boy…although, by now, I guess he's turning into the Golden Middle-Aged Former Boxing Champ.
lawrence taylor - The once dominant defensive force at linebacker has seen better days, but not like on an O.J. Simpson-level.
alice cooper - Not his real name, but his real face is probably somewhere under all that scary makeup.
fox news promotes anger
Fox News should come with a warning: may incite anger in the elderly.
american idol apologizes for steven tyler
Well, they apologized for his outrageous behavior…not sure which part of it, because I have only seen the awesome parts.
anderson cooper attacked in egypt
How violent are things getting in Egypt? They're going after Anderson Cooper now!
porn star talks about charlie sheen
You know you're probably doing something wrong whn porn stars start going to the press talking about your bizarre behavior.
green bay's g doesn't stand for green bay
Shouldn't make you like them any less…but that's only because it's probably not possible.

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