February 25, 2011 - Two and a Half Men No Longer Sheen

two and a half men dropped by cbs
Really Short Story: Not sure why you would drop a show featuring Charlie Sheen now. I've never watched the show, and I was really looking forward to seeing what happened.

the OTHER big news:
terror suspect targets gw bush - For hardcore right-wingers like GW, this is actually a badge of honor, I'm pretty sure.
boeing wins major government contract - Boeing is going to build $30 some billion worth of refueling aircrafts for the government…uhhhh, okay, cool, I guess.
final flight of space shuttle discovery - Speaking of flying objects that I don't really care all that much about…
gadaffi blames protests on bin laden - Well, he also blamed some of it on drugs, so don't worry, Osama, this whole Libya mess isn't all your fault.

chelsea handler
February 25, 2011 - chelsea handler day!

WHY?: She wrote a book called "Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea." Now, I'm not vodka, but if I was, my response would be, "Uhhh, well, I might be here, as long as you promise you're not here to tell any jokes." She just reminds me of a better-looking Kathy Griffin...although, I guess anyone is better looking than Kathy Griffin.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
gilbert gottfried - Along with James Earl Jones, one of the two smoothest voices in Hollywood…oops, maybe I meant "most recognizable."
mario andretti - If you're in the car with someone driving too fast, it's customary to yell "Whoa, slow down, Mario Andretti!"
ali larter - She wore a whipped cream bikini in Varsity Blues. I'm sure she's done other work, too.

kanye west on abortion
They call these "outrageous" tweets from Kanye…of course, just so you know, everything Kanye says or tweets might be considered outrageous.
breast milk ice cream
Is it really that much worse or grosser than milk that comes out of a cow? Well, yeah, it probably is, actually.
hangover 2 teaser trailer
Why you gotta tease me like that? Is anyone else disappointed that it appears that Doug will not have a major role in the sequel?
awesome dunk by football player
It doesn't appear that anyone had the heart to tell him that he should have probably been a basketball player.
tim floyd gone wild
Did you even know Tim Floyd was still allowed around college-aged children any more?

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  1. I'm actually sad they canceled 2 and 1/2 men, it was funny!


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