February 24, 2011 - Concrete Jungle Where NBA Dreams Are Made

nba all-stars to ny and nj
Really Short Story: Carmelo Anthony might have got more press recently, but come on, Deron Williams single-handedly ran the longest-tenured coach in the NBA out of business. If that's not starpower…

the OTHER big news:
obama on libyan violence - It went something like this: "Yo, Gadaffi, stop being such a dictator."
tiger woods eliminated in match play - It's getting to the point where Tiger Woods playing well would be much much bigger news.
motorola xoom released - Look out iPad, you've got a new competitor, and it spells it's name with a crazy word starting with an x, meaing it's gotta be good.
obama rejects defense of marriage act - You know what else likes to reject marriage's defense: divorce.

steve jobs
February 24, 2011 - Happy 56th birthday to Steve Jobs!

WHY?: I mean, the guy basically invented the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad, and when I say "basically," I mean he actually did invent all of those popular items. To think, when he started Apple, all they did was make those dumb computers with horrible graphics.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
carrot top - Not sure where he got his name…maybe he loves carrots?
george harrison - Probably the most replaceable Beatle.
chelsea handler - I'd like this female comedian a lot better if she didn't talk.

congressman in tiger suit
Honestly, I wish more congressmen would get hopped up on painkillers and wear tiger suits; they'd be just as effective, but more entertaining.
oj harrassed by skinheads in jail
Well, that just sounds like a battle where you can't really cheer for anyone.
red cross employees get drunk
If you happen to follow the Red Cross' Twitter account religiously, I think they want you to know that they do not actually promote "getting slizzered."
little girl talks about marriage
Trust me, little girl, there are plenty of men who would love to marry girls as devoted to finding a job as you are.
wisconsin governor gets pranked
I just wish at the end of the conversation, the guy would have yelled "You've just been punk'd, Governor!"

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