February 17, 2011 - It's Bah-Raining Protests

deadly bahrain protests
Really Short Story: If your friends started protesting and trying to overthrow their government, would you do it too? Oh, you would? I guess places like Bahrain, Yemen and Libya never learned how to avoid peer pressure.

the OTHER big news:
pujols deadline passes - Albert Pujols might be a free agent…meaning months and months of speculation on whether he'll sign with the Yankees or the Red Sox.
senator scott brown reveals abuse - It was when he was a child, not when he joined Congress. Congress is a messed up place, but not that messed up…
billy ray cyrus scared for miley - I assume he's scared because he just realized that she is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.
charlie sheen back to work - Apparently, he's just a high-functioning, high-earning drug and sex addict.
michael jordan
February 17, 2011: michael jordan Day!
WHY?: He is arguably the most recognizable name on the planet over the last 25 years. He was cut from his varsity basketball team at one point, yet went on to become the greatest basketball player of all time. He's also really good at gambling, or at least really likes doing it. He turned Nike from an upstart running shoe company into the biggest shoe brand in the world. He probably made you want to "Be Like Mike" at some point, or at least convinced you to try a McJordan sandwich at McDonald's. I guess the best way to describe just how popular Michael Jordan is...it's almost as if the internet was available like it is today in the early 1990's, but all you could access were stories of Jordan's exploits and heroics.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
dr. dre - He's not really a doctor, but you try telling that to Snoop Dogg and Eminem.
yoko ono - Forever known as the woman who broke up The Beatles, and thus any women who ever ruins a good thing is called "Yoko."
john travolta - Went from Saturday Night Fever to Scientology Fever, with a stop on the C-List in between.
glenn beck hates google
He's got a point, I mean, did our founding fathers use Google?
reporter mocks her co-host
Either something was lost in the translation of this Australian broadcast, or she just told millions of people that the dude has a little package.
strange michael jordan statues
I mean, I know the number is wrong, but that's not what scares me most about these freaky statues.
long distance alley oop
Finally, we figure out why Lebron wanted to play with D-Wade…just so they could do this one play.
michael vick cancels oprah appearance
I guess he probably figured out that most of Oprah's audience would side more with dogs than with a former dog murderer.

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