February 15, 2011 - Obama's Balancing Act

obama's budget
Really Short Story: The true balance is trying to balance between the people that want lower taxes, no spending cuts, and a reduced deficit, and the people who aren't total idiots.

the OTHER big news:
#1 football high school recruit signs - If only these high school recruits always ended up being great players that won championships, then South Carolina would really have something to celebrate.
nfl files unfair labor complaint - I guess I just hope you aren't looking forward to watching NFL football any time soon.
dietary fiber is good for you - Just another friendly reminder from science: eat your fruits and vegetables…and your beans, too!
jeopardy champs play computer - After the first round, the only conclusion I can come to is that the computer has more personality than Ken Jennings.
chris farley
February 15, 2011: chris farley Day!
WHY?: Chris Farley was just your average, everyday, moderatly overweight, heavy-drinking, Irish Catholic frat boy when he graduated from Marquette in 1986. However, just four years later he was starring on Saturday Night Live during one of its more memorable eras before moving on to feature films made with his SNL buddies like Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and David Spade, and was even scheduled to do the voice of Shrek in an upcoming film. Unfortunately, by 1997 it all came crashing to an end when Farley died from a drug overdose at the age of 33, and like John Belushi before him, it was just another hilarious, overweight star gone too soon.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
john mcenroe - You've got to be kidding me!! How has he not celebrated a birthday in almost a year?!
kim jong-il - He's got a girl's name and a little boy's build, yet he's the most powerful man in a not so powerful country.
sonny bono - He was married to Cher back when she looked…well, pretty much exactly like she does now.
tiger woods fined for spitting
Tiger Woods should probably avoid fines, seeing as he hasn't really been taking in too much money lately…
reporter tongue tied on air?
Either she just totally blanked, or maybe she just had a stroke while on-air…seriously.
south carolina own currency?
From the state that brought you Alvin Greene, we present you with another brilliant idea…
the one who beat bieber
Esperanza Spalding did beat Justin Bieber for the Best New Artist Grammy, but I doubt that means she will replace him as Twitter's new mascot.
bad breath the cure
There's only one cure…I can only assume it involves Mentos, the freshmaker.

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