February 14, 2010 - Lady Gaga Was Born THAT Way?!

lady gaga hatches at the grammys
Really Short Story: This just goes to prove you don't have to win a ton of awards to have a huge night at the Grammys. Of course, otherwise, you do have to arrive in and then hatch out of a gigantic egg before your performance.

the OTHER big news:
happy valentines day - Otherwise known to single people as either "the worst day ever" or "another day to get really drunk."
wizards versus cavs - The Wizards hadn't won a road game all season. The Cavs had only won once in their last 27 games. Still, someone had to win this one, right?
egyptian parliament dissolved - First Mubarak steps down, then the parliament dissolves into thin air. What's next in Egypt? Stay tuned…
ceo arrested in prostitution sting - The guy who founded Wild Oats apparently loved two things: healthy eating and child porn.
pat o'brien
February 14, 2011: pat o'brien Day!
WHY?: Let's get a few things straight. I'm talking about the sportscaster turned Access Hollywood host turned drug/sex addicted voicemail leaving mustachioed weirdo. He has absolutely nothing to do with the guy who invented the Hurricane drink and a string of franchise restaurants, although I'm sure he's spent a few evenings there pretending to be the inspiration. Of course, if you don't know of O'Brien for his awesome mustache, you may know of him for the voicemail incident which effectively ended his career in the spotlight. If you don't know about any of that, well, then this is just a smalltown South Dakota boy who made it big in the broadcasting world before he grew a fancy mustache and forgot about the values and ideals that got him there.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
chris farley - In an unfortunately long list of funny fat men gone too soon, he may be near the top.
baby aka birdman - Before Lil Wayne became an international icon, he was perhaps the face of the Dirty South rap scene.
matt groening - This guy like invented The Simpsons and made yellow-skinned people more socially acceptable.
football trick shots
This is a few days old, but I guess in some ways, it will never get old.
people sick at playboy party
There is no truth to the rumor that it's because Hef made them watch him "make love" to his new bride.
italians protest berlusconi
The Italians either have Egyptian fever or this Berlusconi dude is just kind of gross.
big babys bad dunk
If you hate the Celtics and Glen "Big Baby" Davis like I know you do, then you will enjoy this video...
being cheap can kill you
Not only that, but it's even harder on the other people it effects.

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