February 12-13, 2011 - fresh weekend EGYPTIAN REPLACEMENT knowledge

As you should know by now, Egypt recently politely asked their President, Hosni Mubarak, to step down from his post. After taking some time to consider the request, Mr. Mubarak, recently decided that maybe it was a good idea. So, of course, now that means that Egypt needs someone else to run the country. But who? Well, we have some ideas...
king tut
If you want to stay internal, why not go unwrap this young fella and put him to work, make him earn that reputation as a legendary leader.
jerry sloan
Do you think it's coincidental that he stepped down from his NBA coaching career after 23 years with one team at the same time that it appeared that you guys were going to have a Presidential opening? Well, maybe, but he's a good tough-nosed guy who would value the hard work it took to build the pyramids.
sarah palin
Listen, I know she doesn't have any foreign policy experience, but we would be forever indebted to you if you could take her off our hands, and at least let her pretend like she is in charge of something.
steve carrell
Also known as Michael Scott, the world's best boss, he is leaving his post on The Office in a few weeks, and despite his unusual methods and unique personality, he's actually a rather effective leader.
glenn beck
Someone needs to give this guy a chance to build his own democracy from scratch, built upon, uhhh, Mormon ideals, I guess. Either way, if you don't like him, he'd be really easy to overthrow, as he'll just start crying when you start protesting.
mike ditka
Da Coach has been out of work for a while, maybe it's time we give him one last chance to shine. Just don't step out of line, Ditka is not known for his tolerance.
betty white
Everyone seems to like the aging White these days, and how could you not love a hilarious 90 year-old woman? Besides, who would ever want to overthrow an old lady?
lebron james
Just consider yourselves lucky if Lebron decides to take his talents to Cairo. You'll probably experience some growing pains, but eventually become one of the dominant world powers as the United States falls into disarray.
hillary clinton
I know what you're thinking: all looks and no substance, but she could just sit up there and look all pretty while husband Bill ran the show and kept everyone happy…particularly the Egyptian ladies.
hosni mubarak
Just in case you guys decide that maybe he wasn't all that bad compared to these alternatives…

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