January 29-30, 2011 - fresh weekend BEST MOVIE knowledge

The nominations are out, and it is time to start placing your bets for this year's Academy Awards. Of course, you wouldn't dream of placing those large wagers without first consulting Konway East and wc,t, though, would you? Here is my ranking of the 10 films nominated for the year's Best Film. Please keep in mind that I haven't actually seen any of these movies, and even if I did, that would not factor into the rankings.
black swan (TRAILER)
Just the thought of a black swan intrigues me and kinda scares me a little bit. So, I wouldn't want to do anything to upset such a creature, would I? (And yes, I also happen to know this film stars Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman getting all crazy...)
true grit (TRAILER)
Now, if this were a movie called "True Grits" and it featured someone discussing the proper technique for producing and cooking grits, I'm not so sure it would have even but nominated, but to even take the chance that someone might get confused by the title is commendable, I guess.
the fighter (TRAILER)
You know, I am pretty sure what they were going to call Rocky before someone convinced Sylvester Stallone to let them use a slightly more creative title. Still, I never bet against a fighter, unless I know for sure he is going to throw the fight.
winter's bone (TRAILER)
The title alone puts a very distinct, if also very strange and unique, image in my head of a single bone sitting in the middle of a snow-covered field on a dreary winter's day. Doesn't sound like a great movie, though...or does it?
toy story 3 (TRAILER)
Let's be honest, an animated movie probably has no chance in this category, but we also have to remember how much everyone universally seems to love toys.
the kids are all right (TRAILER)
I can only assume this movie is about a school for right-handed kids only, until a left-hander finally enrolls and attempts to end years of discrimination. If it's not, I don't really want to see it.
inception (TRAILER)
Leo DiCaprio is a pretty cool guy, but you combine this uninspiring title with the annoying chatter and discussion of everyone who's ever seen this movie, and I'm not real high on it.
the social network (TRAILER)
Like The Fighter, this film's title is, well, descriptive at best. Unlike The Fighter, at worst, it sounds like some boring educational video they show to freshman on the first day of high school.
the king's speech (TRAILER)
President Obama is a man known for his inspiring and impeccably delivered speeches. That being said, I still don't find his speeches all that entertaining, so I can't imagine some random king could really be that much better.
127 hours (TRAILER)
I don't know about you, but I don't know too many people who are willing to spend over 5 days of their life watching a single film. I don't care what it's about.


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  1. I am going for Black Swan as we only seem to get the white ones here. I wonder of their cygnets are ugly too?


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