January 31, 2011 - Let It Snow...As If You Have A Choice

winter storms continue across us
Really Short Story: Yes, it's going to keep snowing. That's how this all works. I mean, it's still January. Don't like it? My recommendation: hibernation.

the OTHER big news:
tiger woods downfall continues - Kids born in 2009 or after might not believe that Tiger Woods was once considered the greatest golfer to ever live.
the world reacts to egypt - As far as I can tell, most reactions range somewhere from OMG to WTF.
djokovic wins australian open - You were probably resting up to watch the NHL All-Star game or the Pro Bowl on Sunday, and missed this one early Sunday morning.
mark zuckerberg meets jesse eisenberg - Two guys who prove you don't have to be super cool to be super successful.
justin timberlake
January 31, 2011: justin timberlake Day! - You know, the guy who brought sexy back!
WHY?: He can dance, he can sing, and apparently he is also a great actor (even if he didn't get nominated for an Academy Award this year.) If you're like me, you probably didn't like him all that much during his N*Sync days, especially when you discovered that he was dating (and more) his former Mickey Mouse Club coutnerpart, Britney Spears and you weren't. Then he went on to a solo career, and released some songs you couldn't help but bounce your head to. Then he made an infamous appearance on Saturday Night Live and put his, well, you know, in a box, and all the sudden, you found yourself kinda liking the guy, even finding him hilarious. Next thing you know, he's getting Academy Award hype in The Social Network, and dating Jessica Biel or Cameron Diaz, or whoever he wants and the dude just can't seem to do anything wrong! Lucky son of a...

TOMORROW'S contenders:
pauly shore - How do you explain Pauly Shore? How does anyone explain Pauly Shore or his success?
michael c. hall - He plays some dude named Dexter on a show named Dexter.
rick james - What do you mean, you don't know who he is? He's RICK JAMES, bbbbb….uddy.
gorilla walks like man
This is either evolution caught on video, or just a crazy ape being a crazy ape.
taco bell fights back
Taco Bell claims that they do, in fact, use beef in their tacos…I'm guessing they just have a very different definition of "beef."
mom kills teen kids that talk back
Yo, moms, chill out, the punk teenage kids will grow out of it one day…well, probably…or, maybe…hopefully.
pickle juice to melt snow
It also probably tastes just as bad as the salt they usually use on the roads.
boy brings gun to pre-school
You can never be too careful these days, I guess…

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