January 27, 2011 - You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Protest

egyptian anti-government protests
Really Short Story: Apparently, the Egyptian government makes more rules than just "Don't Touch The Pyramids."
Short Story: I don't know what it is, but things are really starting to get crazy in Africa when even the Egyptians are starting to protest their government. I mean, sometimes I forget that Egypt is even in Africa. Truthfully, I forget that people actually live in Egypt. Sometimes I think that's just where the pyramids live, but, no, people live there too, and apparently they are not allowed to protest. Well, they aren't supposed to protest, but after 30 eyars of living under this rule, I guess they decided, "Hey, I want to protest something...why don't we protest that rule that says we can't protest?" Sounds like a logical place to start.
lil jon
January 27, 2011: lil jon Day! - Never heard of him? WHHHHAATTT?!?!? OKAAYYY!?!?!
WHY?: His legal name is Jonathan Mortimer Smith, and if you take one look at his high school picture, it won't surprise you one bit. (In fact, you might figure he'd be better suited just named Mortimer.) He is, surprisingly, one of very few successful rappers to graduate from college (Ohio State) which I guess helped him form his sophisticated catchphrases later made famous by Dave Chappelle, including "Whaaaaaaat?!" "Yeaaaaahhhh!" and "Okaaaayyyyy!" If you don't know him from Chappelle's imitation, you may have heard his hit songs Get Low, Yeah! or Salt Shaker, all of which involve Jon yelling his aforementioned catchphrases. Of course, if that doesn't ring a bell, maybe you have heard of his vineyard, Little Jonathan Winery, and no, I'm not joking, that really exists.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
nicolas sarkozy - The French president and the husband of the hottest first lady since Barbara Bush.
carlos slim - One of the richest men in the world…basically told people in Latin America that he invented the telephone.
mikhail baryshnikov - He's a famous Russian dancer who once appeared on Sex and the City…not exactly my area of expertise.
will ferrell on the office
Will Ferrell will be guest starring on The Office. If that doesn't help viewers forget about Steve Carrell, they might have to bring in Oprah or something.
zuckerbergs facebook page hacked
Apparently you can hack into Facebook, but only if you have a lot of time on your hands, and want to share a short cryptic message.
jimmy buffet falls off stage
This is the kinda stuff that happens when you spend too much time in a place called Margaritaville pretending to be a parrot.
the average homeboy
I saw this dude on a clip of that Tosh guy's show…I'd argue this homeboy is far from average.
world's worst comedian
Another Tosh theft…I think this guy gets a bad rap, no wait, maybe that was the last video.

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