January 19, 2011 - One Ugly Situation in Tunisia

unrest in tunisia
Really Short Story: Just another day of political upheaval in Africa.
Short Story: I don't know where Tunisia is, do you? I assume it's next to Micronesia, if that's even a real place and not some type of electronics store, or just something I made up in my head. Anyway, even if you can't locate it on a map (in Northern Africa, next to Algeria) you probably have located it in the news in recent days, thanks to civil unrest and political upheaval, always popular topics on the continent of Africa. So, what effect will this have on the rest of Africa, if any? I don't know, I guess maybe they will look at Tunisia and realize this all just madness and maybe they should seek more stable government structures? Then again, probably not.
dolly parton
January 19, 2011: dolly parton Day! - Inspiring girls to get breast implants since the 1960's.
WHY?: Dolly Parton is only turning 65 today. Which is funny, because I could have sworn she was a 85 year-old who, thanks to what I'm guessing is an abnormal amount of plastic surgery (to her facial region,) was destined to look around 50 or so for the rest of her (un)natural life. If you were wondering, her real name is actually Dolly, and no, I have absolutely no idea if they're real. She is a relatively successful country musician and she once starred in Steel Magnolias alongside Sally Field and Julia Roberts, but, I'm telling you, if history remembers one thing about Dolly Parton, well, it will remember her for two things. Two very big things...

TOMORROW'S contenders:
?uestlove - Without question, the best drummer in hip hop history, edging out drum machines everywhere.
rainn wilson - America's favorite co-worker you love to hate: Dwight Schrute.
bill maher - That crazy long-haired hippie social studies teacher you had in 9th grade got his own TV show.
parks and recreation returns
Rob Lowe is just keeping it really real. I mean, like really real, in order to promote one of wc,t's favorite shows.
50 cent stock tips via twitter
Who would have guessed that so many of 50 Cent's Twitter followers even knew what the stock market was?
mom on facebook as child drowns
While this is not the #1 concern children have about their parents being on Facebook, it's probably a close second.
alabama governor wants large family
Well, he wants a lot of brothers and sisters, and obviously that means he wants everyone to praise Jesus.
kids krumpin
This is kinda cool. Their parents must be so proud.

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