January 18, 2011 - Steve "Taking Break From His" Jobs

steve jobs medical leave at apple
Really Short Story: Steve Jobs is gonna need a couple of sick days. I think he's earned them.
Short Story: Don't believe anything your PC is trying to tell you…spending too much time around a Mac is not hazardous to your health. Well, at least not any more than staring at that PC all day. While no one seems to know the true cause (except maybe for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange) Apple chief Steve Jobs is stepping aside to take a medical leave of absence for the second time in two years. All we the public really know for now is that the iPhone/iPod/iEverything iNnovating iBillioniare will leave the company to focus on his health for an indeterminate amount of time. Oh, and don't worry, I'm pretty sure your iPhone will still work even without Jobs in his post...well, it will work as well as it did when Jobs was there.
kevin costner
January 18, 2011: kevin costner Day! - Academy Award-winning director…baseball movie Hall of Famer…Waterworld.
WHY?: Did you know Costner has won two Academy Awards? Of course, they were both for his work on Dancing With The Wolves, for which he was nominated as Best Actor, but ending up winning only as Best Director and for Best Picture. Unfortunately, later films such as Waterworld, The Postman and Swing Vote did not garner those types of awards, but neither did arguably his most popular film, Field of Dreams. Costner was actually on pace for quite a career in the early 1990's with other films like Bull Durham, JFK, The Untouchables, Wyatt Earp and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves already on his record, but it seems that may have been his peak. Or maybe a lot of people just held Waterworld against him and refused to ever watch another one of his movies after that?

TOMORROW'S contenders:
dolly parton - I can only think of two reasons why she is even famous, but I can't remember what they are right now.
paula deen - She's like your crazy old grandma that supports child obesity and makes you eat a dozen cookies every time you see her.
janis joplin - She probably wouldn't have been nearly as famous in the era of high definition television.
loughner's youtube video
Back when Jared Lee Loughner walked the fine line between extremely weird and certifiably psychotic.
pee wee gets drunk
Pee Wee Herman gets drunk, beats up Anderson Cooper. Yes, you read that correctly.
fresh prince lost episodes
Wow, big weekend for SNL. Any lifelong Fresh Prince fan like myself will appreciate this.
miss america ventriloquist act
Wait a second, if this is real, how did she not win the whole thing? Oh, that's right, because it's extremely frightening.
lady slaps horse
Of course, she claims the horse started it.

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