January 13, 2011 - Rags to Riches to Rehab

golden voice heads to rehab
Really Short Story: Homeless people are usually not just really unlucky people who need one big break.
Short Story: Well, here's a shocker of a story for you. It turns out that homeless guy with the crazy radio voice that became a viral sensation last week after someone from a local paper in Columbus, Ohio posted a video of him on the internet didn't just become homeless through a run of bad luck. I guess if we couldn't figure that out on our own, then we got a pretty good hint when, after a string of appearances on the talk show circuit, the Golden Voice, who goes by Ted Williams (or the Splendid Splinter), showed up on Dr. Phil with the family he abandoned years ago. Turns out Williams may still be battling some addictive habits and is headed to rehab. So, for those of you who had planned on buying the movie rights...stay tuned.
julia louis-dreyfus
January 13, 2011: julia louis-dreyfus Day! - Elaine, Elaine, and…Elaine.
WHY?: Her full name is Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus, so if you thought her stage name was a little long, well, it could have been worse. (Her two-word last name is actually a result of having a French father.) She actually got her start appearing on Saturday Night Live in the 1980's, and won an Emmy Award for her leading role on the sitcom New Adventures of Old Christine. Of course, those are the bookends to the real story of Louis-Dreyfus, who is best known as Jerry's ex-girlfriend/outstanding dancer/the female presence on Seinfeld, Elaine Benes. I suppose there is a chance that she will win the Nobel Peace Prize for reversing global warming one day, but until then, I really don't care what she does, she will always be Elaine to me...even then, I'll probably just be shocked that Elaine reversed global warming.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
andy rooney - The world's oldest man is also one it's greatest complainers.
ll cool j - Wrote a song about advice from his mama…and I'm not talking about "Doin' It."
dave grohl - One of history's great fighters of foo was also a member of one of history's great rock bands in Nirvana.
sarah palin references blood libel
Surprisingly, Palin was unaware of what the phrase that she used actually meant.
lebron teaches a lesson on karma
The Cavs lost a game the other night by 55 points, which may have to do more with their team sucking than with karma.
hillary takes a spill
If Hillary is in need of a hot, young male escort to navigate foreign lands, I am offering my services.
bowler's crazy mistake
I don't know how many points you get for this one, but I think they call it a "velociraptor."
wikipedia 10 years old
Still the leading source of information and misinformation across the world.

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