January 12, 2011 - The iPhone's Bizarre Love Triangle

iphone to be sold on verizon network
Really Short Story: AT&T and iPhone decide to try an open relationship…well, iPhone decides to try it.
Short Story: It's been speculated for months, but it finally became official yesterday when Verizon announced that it would be featuring the iPhone on their network starting February. That, of course, means that AT&T and the iPhone will no longer be going steady. It seems the iPhone wants to see other people...or maybe other people just want to see the iPhone real REAL bad. So, what does this all mean for everyone involved? I don't really know. I guess it means that maybe now AT&T will have to rely on something other than the fact that they sell the iPhone, while Verizon might think that they don't have to do anything but sell iPhones for a little while, and Steve Jobs will probably just continue being incredibly rich and smug.
rush limbaugh
January 12, 2011: rush limbaugh Day! - The overweight radio host has never been in a rush to get anywhere but the buffet.
WHY?: If you don't know what a guy named Rush Hudson Limbaugh III was born to do, then you, my friend, are not a true American. Of course, any chubby little dude with that name was going to grow up either a country club bum/trustfund baby or an inflammatory conservative radio talk show host. Unfortunately for us, he chose the latter. So, even this week, Limbaugh made waves when he announced that the Dems were using the Arizona tragedy to advance their political causes. Of course, aside from backlash to often controversial statements, Rush has had his personal issues, from health problems to legal problems to marital problems to prescription drug addiction to being out-crazied by Glenn Beck and others on the right.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
william hung - The worst of the worst of American Idol…which means one of the most successful as well.
julia louis-dreyfus - Elaine Benes. Any other questions?
orlando bloom - If any normal random white dude had this name, he'd get his ass kicked. Good thing he has movie star looks.
westboro baptist to protest az funerals
These protests would be a lot cooler if they were simply protesting the concept of death because they wanted people to be immortal.

the tiger mom
It's just some lady telling everyone why Asian kids are so good at math and violin.
1,000 person crowd at nba game
I know, a Memphis-Charlotte game is not all that enticing to begin with, but this still shows how scared people in the South are of snow.
snow in 49 of 50 states
Speaking of snow, you have to go to Florida to avoid it completely these days. Explain that, global warming scientists!
bald miss america
Even bald, she's far better looking than any woman that would ever talk to old Konway East.

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