January 11, 2011 - National Championship: $180,000, Give or Take

auburn wins national championship
Really Short Story: The Auburn Tigers are your undisputed national champions...for now!
Short Story: Somewhere, Charles Barkley is smiling. So, are all the other Auburn alumni who saw their investment (emotional, that is) in Cecil Newton's young son pay off with a national championship last evening. Of course, somewhere else, Mississippi State alumni are still appalled that the young quarterback turned down $180,000 to play honorably as a true NCAA amateur for the Auburn Tigers. Then, in other places, Oregon Ducks fans are feeling worse than anyone, having come so close to winning an elusive national championship, only to lose out on that title by a mere 3 points on a last-second field goal. Of course, I suppose there is still a possibility that the Mississippi State and Oregon fans will get the last laugh in this one, but for now, Auburn fans, you have the best team in all the land. Even in this economy, it's still money (allegedly/possibly) well spent.
naomi judd
January 11, 2011: naomi judd Day! - Ashley Judd's mom…and a singer or something.
WHY?: She was born as Diana Judd, and in 1964, she had a daughter named Christina Ciminella. They would change their names to Naomi and Wynona Judd, respectively, and go on to become a hugely successful mother-daughter country music duo. They scored 15 #1 hits and sold over 20 million records before Naomi contracted Hepatitis C in 1991 forcing daughter Wynona to pursue a solo career. Of course, if you didn't know any of that, you might still know of Naomi Judd. That's because her second daughter, Ashley, is widely considered one of the most successful/beautiful actresses of the modern era, so beautiful that when you look at the Judd family photo, you would never believe that Ashley was really a party of the family. I won't blame Naomi if she prefers being famous for the whole singing thing.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
kirstie alley - She wasn't always a plus-sized model. She used to be on that old show Cheers.
howard stern - Radio personality invented the position of shock jock and has a face made for radio.
rush limbaugh - With a name like that, how could he not end up as a fat, condescending, conservative radio host?
jared lee loughner crazy mugshot
So, that guy that shot all those people in Arizona? Well, he looks as crazy as he sounds…

chubby kid singing kesha
It is what it is. Like Kesha herself, you will either love this or hate it.
marshawn lynch run shakes ground
Okay, so it didn’t shake the ground very much, but it was still a pretty awesome run.
team blows 5 point lead in 4 seconds
Now, if only this guy can find a way to make as much money as Chris Webber did after calling a timeout he didn't have…
law school is expensive
Guess what? Not everyone who goes to law school is going to make 6 figures right away…or ever.

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