January 14, 2011 - The Climates, They Are A Changin'

brazil and australia floods
Really Short Story: I know it's really cold here in the U.S., but apparently, global warming is starting in the Southern hemisphere.
Short Story: Traditionally, things like monstrous floods are considered natural disasters, or if you are a follower of Sarah Palin, "God's will being done." However, with a string of deadly floods plaguing places like Brazil, Australia, and Sri Lanka in recent days, there are some questions as to whether or not these disasters are byproducts of man-made climate change rather than just the natural cycles of weather. Of course, if left unchecked, scientists warn that things will only get worse, but anyone who has seen classic disaster movies like 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, or An Inconvenient Truth already knows that.
andy rooney
January 14, 2011: andy rooney Day! - Look past the eyebrows…it's still just an old angry complainer.
WHY?: It's officially Andy Rooney's birthday today. That doesn't change the fact that he has been 90 years old since World War II. Okay, maybe that's not true, but he has appeared in his own end of show segment since 1978 complaining like a 90 year-old man about just about everything since that point. Of course, he's made his share of controversial remarks during that time, but nothing you wouldn't hear from the old man who lives down the block from you from time to time. Other than that, there is not much more to Rooney that you really need to know. Although, I guess in tribute to Mr. Rooney, I will close with this... "What's the deal with this guy's eyebrows? Hasn't he ever seen those little scissors that all the ladies carry? Isn't it hard to see with all that eyebrow hair hanging down to his nose? In my day, people were concerned with stuff like personal appearance. Maybe if he trimmed up the brows, he wouldn't be so ornery, but then he might also be out of a job, now, wouldn't he?"

TOMORROW'S contenders:
muhammad ali - Simply put, he was "The Greatest," or so he wold have you believe.
james earl jones - A voice that makes all other voices embarrased to not be his voice.
maury povich - Not sure if you are the father? This is the guy to ask.
rat wakes up man on subway
Who says New York is dirty? The rats seem to find the subways there are just fine...
snowman's genitals removed
What kind of country are we living in when you can't build an anatomically correct snowman in your front yard?
ac slater photo smashed in bar
Anyone who is anyone knows that Dustin Diamond was behind this.
lawrence taylor pleads guilty
Say it ain't so, LT. What's next? You used steroids and other drugs during your playing days?
reggie jackson calls out jets
I know what you're thinking, Reggie Jackson never played football, but shouldn't everyone be calling the Jets out?

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