December 6, 2010 - Let's (Kinda) Make a (Non)Deal!

tax cut deal in senate
Really Short Story: Non-business as usual in Congress.
Short Story: Well, for those of you that were hoping for world peace for the holiday season this year, I am sorry to let you know that your elected officials in the U.S. would probably not be able to reach a resolution on that even if there was a realistic way to achieve it. I guess the good news is that due to an incredible inability to reach any type of reasonable compromise, things will continue along pretty much as they have for the past several years, as the Bush tax cuts and unemployment benefits will likely both be extended. So, while this increase in spending and continued lowering of taxes may not help our ever-increasing deficit in any way, those who favor the status quo should be very, very happy!
judd apatow
December 6, 2010: judd apatow Day! - He may not be ultra-famous, but he did basically make Seth Rogen ultra-famous.
WHY?: Judd Apatow is the most famous person born on December 6th, which says more about the date than it does about Judd Apatow. However, I would be remisce if I didn't honor the man as we do everyone else who is named Person of the Day. Apatow is, of course, the producer of such critically successful and popular comedies as The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Anchorman, Superbad and Knocked Up. He also occassionally writes, directs and/or acts, but leaves most of the acting up to guys like Steve Carrell, Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen. Really, there's not a whole lot more to the guy than that. I imagine he will continue producing various movies with relatively similar themes and comedic stylings, and you will continue recognizing the name even if you never, ever both to find out what the guy looks like. At least you'll know when his birthday is.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
terrell owens - The man who redefined the position of prima donna wide receiver.
larry bird - The greatest white basketball player to ever live is also one of the funniest-looking and aptly-named.
noam chomsky - Honestly, I have no idea what he is famous for, but I love his name.

12/7/10 POTD POLL!
mascot hijinks
I don't trust anyone that wears a large animal costume for their job. This is a perfect example of why I don't.
awesome let it be cover
To be honest, this video and collection of random celebrities would be just as good on mute, but the song turns out surprisingly good.
ridiculous baseball deal
Jayson Werth clearly needed all this money to either add to his collection of silly hats, or to pay someone to trim that silly beard.
josh duhamel kicked off flight
Yo, Duhamel, they are serious when they tell you to shut down your electronic devices. That applies even to celebrities.
early nfl celebration
These early NFL celebrations never get old!

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