December 4-5, 2010 - 2010 PERSON of the YEAR nominations

kanye west*lebron james*christine o'donnell*yonni barrios (chilean miner)*kate middleton*stephen slater*tiger woods*cecil newton*brett favre*jan brewer
2010 was a strange year with a lot of strange happenings. Nevertheless, we still need to pick a PERSON of the YEAR, and who better to do it than you? Well, I can think of better people, but I don't think they would help me out, so you're my only hope. The Person of the Year should be selected based upon criteria determined by you. It doesn't have to be the BEST or MOST ACCOMPLISHED person, but perhaps the most memorable or newsworthy. Either way, it is up to you now...GOOD LUCK!
kanye west
Huge comeback from last year's Taylor Swift-gate included his discovery of Twitter, a feud with George W. Bush and Matt Lauer, free mp3's, an epic 35-minute music video, and perhaps one of the greatest albums of the decade.

lebron james
Saving the city of Cleveland is obviously much too big of a task for any one man.

christine o'donnell
Anti-masturbation witch/Sarah Palin wannabe made a run at a Delaware Senate seat.

yonni barrios (chilean miner)
Being trapped underground for 2+ months was probably nothing compared to the ugly love triangle he faced when he emerged. (When I say ugly, I am talking about looks of the people involved.)

kate middleton
Finally locked down Prince William and ensured a lifetime of comparisons to Princess Diana.

steven slater
The star of the coolest male flight attendant story ever chugged a beer before escaping down the emergency slide of the plane he was working on.

tiger woods
Remember when Tiger Woods was just the best golfer ever? Yeah, me neither. I'm not sure Tiger Woods does either.

cecil newton
Sold his Heisman Trophy QB son to the highest bidder….allegedly, of course.

brett favre
Things were pretty normal for Favre this year (a few retirements, a few comebacks, a few interceptions, a few Wranglers commercials) until we found out he was sending pictrures of his package to chicks.

jan brewer
Her anti-Mexican views managed to make Arizona one of the most controversial states in the U.S. for something other than it's desert climate.

2010 PERSON of the YEAR


  1. Can I nominate Emma Watson as Person of the Year 2010 for her new pixie-@ss haircut?

  2. I voted for O'Donnell because really what else does she have? This could be her one shot.


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