December 3, 2010 - Q is for Qatar

world cup 2022 in qatar
Really Short Story: The 2022 World Cup will be in Qatar, if anyone can figure out where it is.
Short Story: If you were planning on going to the World Cup in the distant future of 12 years from now, I hope, for your sake, that we have found peace in the Middle East by then, because you will have to travel all the way to some place called Qatar to watch the world's biggest soccer tournament. If you're wondering where Qatar is, well, it's not in the United States, where so many people thought the World Cup would be played in 2022. So, you can take that as a sign that maybe the United States is not the world power that it once was because we are not able to bully our way into hosting some tournament we don't even care about, or maybe this means that we ARE still a world power, because, come on, did we really want a bunch of dirty soccer players hanging out here? (Oh, by the way, the 2018 World Cup will be in Russia.)
Brendan Fraser
December 2, 2010: Brendan Fraser Day! - Oh my God, Encino Man was almost 20 years ago.
WHY?: I don't know what to make of Brendan Fraser. At first, I figured he was a "leading man" type of actor. Especially after he nailed his role as the likeable caveman in Encino Man, but maybe that was just because he was playing alongside Pauly Shore, but ever since then it's really been a mixed bag of work, from serious roles in School Ties and The Mummy to ridiculous roles in Dudley Do-Right and George of the Jungle. So, I guess I'll leave it up to you, and perhaps history, to decide how you categorize Brendan Fraser. I will leave you with one awesome fact about Fraser, though. His first acting role was in a re-enactment on America's Most Wanted as a friend of a murderer. So, I guess he will always have that.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
judd apatow - Producer of several funny movies starring Seth Rogen, all with the exact same plot.
alberto contador - Tour de France winner…meaning probably a huge doper.
ryan white - The second most famous person with AIDS of all-time, behind Magic Johnson (who actually just had HIV,) but edging out Tom Hanks in Philadelphia.

12/6/10 POTD POLL!
fbi catches king of spam
I'm not exactly sure, but this could mean you will now only get approximately 2/3 of your former amount of spam mail.
food court flash mob
I don't know about you, but when I'm sitting down to a nice meal at the mall food court, the last thing I need is a bunch of clowns dancing around singing.
worst band ever
Well, maybe not the worst band ever, but they are certainly pretty horrible.
lebron wins
If you're Cleveland in this case, I guess the only positive to take from this all is that maybe you too can move to Miami one day?
man puts camera in back of head
I guess he must be tired of people always sneaking up behind him…or else he's just super-paranoid.

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  1. The whole lebron thing is old news. Is there anyone that thought the Cavs would win? No. Sure we in Cleveland were wishing that, but we knew better.

    Also, on a scale of importance to Cleveland's sport history, this is lower realms of the top 15 things, lebron leaving that is.

    It can't compete with art modell leaving with the football franchise or Elway driving the field or Jordan's shot.

    All it was, was one guy who doesn't have the balls to carry a team decided to leave and be led instead of leading a team. No biggie from this Cavs fan.

    Oh, almost forgot, Cleveland is, was and always will be a football city. Anyone that tries to say otherwise doesn't know Cleveland.


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