December 2, 2010 - The Prodigal LeBron Returns

lebron returns to cleveland
Really Short Story: LeBron James prepares for the worst "Welcome Home" party ever.
Short Story: Listen, I know there is probably a lot of other stuff you would love to talk about today: Britney Spears' birthday, the ongoing Bush tax cuts extension debate, that weird dude who runs WikiLeaks, etc. However, it must be noted that tonight we will all be witnesses (pun intended) to one of the most intriguing sporting contests of our time, and I say that in all seriousness even when you consider it's an NBA regular season game in December. That's because tonight LeBron, the former King of Cleveland, returns to his home state for the first time since his infamous Decision this summer, and let's just say that he is probably not going to get a hero's welcome. (I guess Clevelanders only support their local heroes so long as they choose to live in the same hellhole as they do. Ouch!) So, enjoy your day, but remember to spend a large portion of it trying to figure out just how ugly things get in the Mistake by the Lake tonight. We'll meet back here and discuss in the morning!
britney spears
December 2, 2010: britney spears Day! - I wonder if all those parents that named their kids Britney 10 years ago or so are rethinking that decision.
WHY?: You all know this story by now: young girl from Louisiana becomes Mouse-keteer, transforms into teen pop star/sex symbol, turns 18, continues amazing career ascent despite mediocre vocal skills, dates Timberlake, insists she is a virgin, dumps Timberlake, he insists she is definitely not a virgin, Timberlake tells her to cry us a river, she dates a lot of random dudes, marries trashy backup dancer, career slows down, has two kids, raises two kids with questionable parenting techniques, begins smoking, stops paying attention to public perception/physique/health, divorces trashy backup dancer, shaves head, goes to various rehabs, dates more random dudes, tries to resurrect career, makes moderately successful comeback attempt, realizes people will never forget all that crazy stuff she did. If you've seen it once, you've seen it a million times...

TOMORROW'S contenders:
ozzy osbourne - Walking anti-drug campaign/former rock star.
brendan fraser - He played the Encino Man! He's also acted in other movies.
terri schiavo - One-time hero to people in coma/vegetative states everywhere.

12/3/10 POTD POLL!
worst arranged marriage ever
This is how a lot of men feel when they get married, these guy just happens to be much more emotive.
dancing gone wrong
You can dance if you want to...but maybe you should find a flatter surface first?
cam newton cleared
Cam Newton is cleared of all wrongdoing! I wonder if his dad told him "earmuffs" while he negotiated his price.
world cup host 2022
Want to know who will host the World Cup...12 years from now? Will the world even be here in 12 years?
college binge drinking fight
How do you stop college kids from binge drinking? I guess you could stop sending them to college?

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