November 9, 2010 - Conan Gets Back To Basic (Cable)

conan returns
Really Short Story: Maybe not overwhelmingly triumphant, but a return nonetheless.
Short Story: For those of you have been waiting anxiously for Conan O'Brien to return to late night television, well, don't you have anything else to do besides wait around for a late night talk show host's quasi-triumphant return? Either way, your wait is finally over, as O'Brien's new show "Conan" debuted last night on TBS. As you can imagine, it was a dream come true for O'Brien, being thrown out of the premier role in late night television and landing as the followup to George Lopez on basic cable several months later. Of course, this new show is bad news for all the people who usually wait up to watch reruns of The King of Queens on TBS. Aside from all that, though, I guess this is a joyous occassion, so, welcome back Conan!
nick lachey
November 9, 2010: nick lachey Day! - Key member of 98 Degrees, the band named after a moderately lower body temperature.
WHY?: Poor Nick Lachey seems like he's always been overshadowed. When his boy band 98 Degrees was in its prime, they took a backseat to The Backstreet Boys and N*Sync (maybe even LFO too.) Then, of course, he married hot young pop-star Jessica Simpson and starred on a reality show alongside his wife...who got most of the publicity for her, uhhh, ditziness? They later divorced, and Nick is now engaged to some chick that is so hot that no one cares about him when they go out. His brother even won Dancing With The Stars! So, I guess we can sit here and say, oh, poor Nick Lachey, he never gets the spotlight, but let's spin this another way: what if 98 Degrees came along today? They'd never get a record deal, he'd never meet Jessica Simpson, etc, etc,, I guess now we can all just marvel at the luck and timing of lucky old Nick Lachey!

TOMORROW'S contenders:
sinbad - Sinbad once beat Dennis Miller in stand-up comedy on Star Search.
tracy morgan - I have a hard time telling how much of his humor is intentional and how much is unintentional.
winston churchill - If you've ever heard a legendary quote about war, Churchill probably made it.

11/10/10 POTD POLL!
wheel of fortune miracle guess
Usually, if you are going to rig something like this, you should try to make it less obvious.
middle school football trick play
The weirdest part about this whole thing: the celebration at the end, or that someone is apparently taping entire middle school football games?
d-wade lebron alley oop
I still don't get why Lebron wanted to go play with Dwya…oh, nevermind, this explains it.
mister peanut makeover
Did you know Mr. Peanut hasn't spoken since 1916? Maybe more of us should follow his lead?
press secretary gets angry in india
You would think the last thing India would have a problem with would be overcrowding, am I right?

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