November 10, 2010 - Newton's Laws of College Recruiting

cam newton fbi scandal
Really Short Story: It appears that some college football players may be getting paid money illegally!
Short Story: You may have heard of Cam Newton if you've been watching any college football this season. He's the junior college transfer who has lead Auburn to the verge of the BCS title game and quite possibly to his very own Heisman Trophy. What you may have also heard is that when he was at the University of Florida before his stint in JuCo, he was nearly kicked out for (allegedly) cheating and buying a stolen computer before eventually making the decision to leave. Well, when he was trying to figure out where to go after his time at the junior college, it is alleged that he was willing to go to the highest bidder. Needless to say, that is condoned by neither the NCAA nor the law. So, now Mr. Newton can look up in the stands at his next game and see FBI agents sitting next to NFL scouts, which means he is probably actually a pretty good bet to make it in the league.
tracy morgan
November 10, 2010: tracy morgan Day! - Edges out Tracy McGrady for the title of most famous guy named Tracy ever.
WHY?: There must have been something in the water in the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn in the late 1960's, because, between Jay-Z and Tracy Morgan, it appears to have been a star-producing factory (not to glamorize the projects…) I'm still not really clear how Morgan ever rose to such heights of fame, other than he was doing some stand-up comedy while in high school, one day landed a guest spot on Martin, and then suddenly found himself on Saturday Night Live. Somehow from there, he avoided the post-SNL jinx by landing a role basically playing himself on the sitcom 30 Rock. He did all this by basically just being himself: a loud, possibly humorous, enigmatic nutjob from the projects...and they say the American dream is dead!

TOMORROW'S contenders:
leonardo dicaprio - The lead actor from Titanic. You know. The guy who stood on the front of the boat and yelled that he was the "king of the world."
demi moore - I think this is the old chick who married Ashton Kutcher. Not sure what else she is known for.
marc summers - The dude who hosted Double Dare, and also suffers from OCD.

11/11/10 POTD POLL!
first lady handshake controversy
Mrs. Obama shakes some Indonesian Muslim dude's hand. Chaos, controvery and accusations all follow.
burger king new york pizza burger
I didn't know this sandwich existed until today, and you know what? I liked it better when I didn't know about it.
stranded cruise ship
4500 passengers are stranded on a disabled cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. Don't worry, though, it appears helicopters have delivered massive amounts of Spam to them.
trick play gone wrong
Not sure what the official penalty call was on this play...too many acrobatics on the field? Maybe the ref had a bad experience at Cirque du Soleil?
alvin greene comic book
Alvin Greene won't be one of our Senators, but you can commemorate his wacky hijinx in his new comic book...until he gets sued by the real Ultimate Warrior.

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