November 11, 2010 - How To Reduce a Budget in 10 Years

deficit reduction proposal
Really Short Story: Cutting spending and increasing taxes will reduce the deficit…too bad everyone hates that plan!
Short Story: President Obama, when will you ever learn? You can put together as many bipartisan commitees as you like, but don't expect anything but a partisan, angry response from Congress! That was again the case with the proposal released by Obama's committee to cut the deficit yesterday, as the plan called for cuts to many federal programs while raising taxes over the next several years. Well, I guess if we knew we were going to that kind of response, we never would have asked the question in the first place. Is there any other way we can just make this deficit, you know, disappear? Can't we call David Blaine or Criss Angel? I mean, is the deficit even really all that bad in the first place? It does give the politicians something to rally their supporters around.
marc summers
November 11, 2010: marc summers Day! - I dare you to read about Marc Summers…no, I DOUBLE DARE you!
WHY?: If you grew up in the same era as me, you certainly remember the legendary Nickelodeon gameshow Double Dare, and you have vivid memories of its host Marc Summers introducing contestants to the Physical Challenges. Summers was actually born Marc Berkowitz and started as a radio DJ and standup comedian before getting his "big break" on Nickelodeon hosting a gameshow for kids featuring disgustingly messy challenges. Yes, I know, every young broadcaster's dream...especially one with obsessive compulsive disorder such as Summers. Since the show was cancelled in 1992, Summers has starred in a variety of other shows on a variety of channels, but, for better or wose, will always be remembered as the guy from Double Dare...with OCD.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
anne hathaway - The Devil (Meryl Streep) Wore Prada and took out her frustrations and hostilities on poor little Annie Hathaway. She was also Jake Gyllenhal's "wife" in Brokeback Mountain.
tonya harding - The only woman who ever made women's figure skating truly interesting…even if she was essentially a thug.
mills lane - Oversaw the Mike Tyson "ear" fight, Celebrity Deathmatches on MTV, and had his own television judge show.

11/12/10 POTD POLL!
women cheating on husbands
Listen up, ladies! The 1 of every 1.67-2 of us men that don't cheat will not stand for 1 out of every 5 of you cheating on us!
new species of lizard at diner
What do you do if you find a new species of lizard in Vietnam? You fry it up and serve it at the local diner.
book defending pedophiles
They not only make this book, but sell it on Amazon. Be wary of anyone you know who orders it.
50 cent and web phenom
Apparently 50 Cent is having a hard time finding people to make songs with him these days. If this doesn't work out, he's going to have to smooth things over with Ja Rule.
most ridiculous country songs
Certainly no shortage of material to choose from for this list.

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