November 12, 2010 - The Little Cruise Ship That Couldn't

stranded cruise ship returns
Really Short Story: A luxury cruise ship was stuck at sea for 3 days. Oh, the horror.
Short Story: Okay, it's not exactly the Titanic all over again, but still, it's no vacation being stranded on a cruise ship for like 3 days. Although, I suppose that depends on your definition of vacation, because, let's face it, this whole story really sounds more like a big inconvenience than a major crisis. Ask 100 people to talk about their last vacation, and I'll bet you at least half of them had experiences worse than the people on board the stranded ship Splendor for the past 3 days. The only difference is that I'm sure these people on Splendor will get their money back, and a great story to tell their kids.
anne hathaway
November 11, 2010: anne hathaway Day! - Still wondering how she agreed to do Bride Wars.
WHY?: Anne Hathaway grew up dreaming of becoming a nun. Fortunately for us, her brother ended up being gay, and she decided to go on becoming a beautiful actress who starred nude as the female half of Jake Gyllenhal's love interests in Brokeback Mountain. Hathaway really got her big break a few years prior in something called the Princess Diaries, and followed that up with the Princess Diaries 2. She would later go on to be nominated for an Academy Award for a movie called Rachel Getting Married, and followed that up by starring in one of the worst movies ever made, Bride Wars. Of course, let us all not forget her convincing turn as Meryl Streep's assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. I, for one, was totally convinced that her and Vince from Entourage were a boring, average couple just trying to get by in Manhattan until she landed the job working for Streep.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
ol dirty bastard - If you think his name is offensive, he also went by Big Baby Jesus before he died in 2004.
randy savage - The Macho Man was probably more accurately described as the jacked up on steroids man.
b.o.b. - I don't know what the name stands for, but he's one of the hottest new music acts of 2010.

11/15/10 POTD POLL!
horse in car
I guess if you're riding down the highway and you see a horse in the backseat of a car, just be thankful the horse wasn't driving.
high school coach whipped players
This coach took the term "whipping into shape" way way way too literally.
gigantic indian teenager
Guess what, they are already calling this 7-foot 14 year old the Indian Yao Ming. How can he be that injury-prone already?
man gets shot still eats sandwich
How hungry must one be to eat your sandwich before going to the hospital to treat a gunshot wound?
how cats drink
Apparently, how cats actually drink was some kind of mystery of science…until now.

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