November 13-14, 2010 - fresh weekend BEST FOODS knowledge!

This week, we explore the wonderful world of food. We want to know what the world's best foods we asked Mr. Konway East and friends. Here are the completely unscientific results.
I mean, you've had bacon before, right? Do I really have to explain to you what makes it so special?
The most versatile protein ever. From fried chicken to chicken salad, you can't beat it! Pork is the other white meat…well, chicken is THE white meat.
Everyone has a favorite cheese. If you don't, well you are no friend of mine. As they said in the movie Old School, "Cheeee-eeeeeeeesseeeee!"
See the bacon answer. I've never understood people who don't at least enjoy chocolate a little bit. It almost seems like that might be some type of genetic defect. No offense, of course.
Who discovered this stuff? How excited must they have been when they first figured out its side effects. I don't even know how coffee tastes, to be honest…
The ultimate in high-class dining, other seafood should be embarrassed (or maybe happy?) that they aren't lobster.
peanut butter
Peanut butter can be a little messy, but in the right circumstances, it is absolutely delightful, and a great source of protein. Thank you, George Washington Carver.
No list of great foods is complete without a fruit. Why not include the one that you can turn into a wonderful alcoholic drink full of healthy antioxidants?
From cereal to your morning latte to the milkshake, there is no better, more versatile food that comes from a grosser origin than milk.
Damn you, Adkins diet, for demonizing that wonderful pre-meal, sandwich-completing ingredient known as bread. Still, for my money, nothing tastes better than a great bread.
deray28 says avocado…
Did you know that avocado's are the only fruit with any fat. Maybe that's why guacamole tastes so damn good? Also, that huge nut thing in the middle is awesome.
justussteel says scrapple…
The ingredients of scrapple are as gross as the name would have you believe. I'm sure that loaf of pork trimmings is tasty though…not that I hope to ever find out.
Bingkee says lechon…
If you don't mind how a suckling pig gets to your table, yeah, then lechon (another word for suckling pig) is incredibly tasty.
legbamel says potatoes…
Standing alone, they are a tasteless, carb-heavy ingredient. Fried up, they are arguably the finest French food to come out of Idaho.
TheBoo says ketchup…
A bastardized version of tomato sauce, ketchup by itself is rather, uhhhh, interesting…but with the right compliment, it's a wonderful condiment.


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