November 6-7, 2010 - fresh weekend Q&A knowledge

It's time for the wc,t audience to fight back. Konway East volunteered to answer all your questions, and you volunteered to ask them. Read and get informed, people!
SierackObama asks:
I love your website. Are you pumped up for the Breeders Cup World Thoroughbred Championships? Can the zensational Zenyatta make it a perfect 20 for 20? I'll hang up and listen to your response.
Well, thank you, kind sir. No, I am not pumped up about this horse race you mentioned, but I do think if this horse Zenyatta is half as great as your play on words with "zensational," it will not lose. Bet heavily on this horse.

ilikecheese asks:
Now that we know Ozzy Osbourne and others have some Neanderthal DNA, how much do you think that primitiveness affects those individuals' behavior?
I would take the amount of neanderthal DNA divided by total DNA and that perecentage of his behavior is affected by that primitiveness you have mentioned.

theresa111 asks:
I wish to know why your sunglasses are SQUARE.
Konway East chooses to wear square sunglasses for their futuristic style and maximum ocular coverage. The sun can cause quite a bit of damage to one's eyes.

thecantankerouscan asks:
I want to know if it's possible to lose weight off your earlobes?
Theoretically, it is possible. The bigger question is how one would ever measure this accurately.

kaja asks:
Why does Kaja always jump to inaccurate conclusions... and speak in third person when asking questions directed toward himself?
Perhaps Kaja is self-involved and ignorant, or perhaps he never learned proper social etiquette, or perhaps he doesn't really always do it, but he is exaggerating the frequency of such occurences.

liftingmeup asks:
Do you feel that opposites attract and more importantly can such an attraction result in a long-lasting meaningful relationship
By the laws of physics and Paula Abdul, opposites do attract. I'm not sure which one I trust more, and I'm not sure that attraction is ever a precise indicator of a successful long-term relationship. I've also now decided I trust Paula Abdul more than physics.

PetLvr asks:
Is it true there is another "jupiter-like" planet out there that can support life, yet revolves around its sun in just 5 days?
Is it true? Maybe. Do I care? Maybe. Depends on which two days of the week they have removed.

TheBoo asks:
What does it mean when guys say I have a sexy walk? Does it mean that I wave my butt from side to side unconsciously? How do I stop that?
It's not as unconscious as you would like us to believe. Is it? Be honest! I've been told the same thing. Use it to your advantage when possible

TheBoo asks:
Why don't Christians see the irony of a universe run by an omniscient Christian deity where churches are destroyed by natural disasters just as much, or more so, than any other building?
Maybe this omniscient Christian diety just wants people to build new churches every now and then? Or maybe he wants to create jobs for Church-builders? I'm sure there's a reason behind everything...right?

CrazyTsu asks:
Where are you, (or more accurately, where WERE you) when everyone's waiting?
I was taking a nap.

valleyz asks:
I don't want to hear any reasons, tell me why you came late ?
See previous question.

liftingmeup asks:
Why would a DJ play "I'm Too Sexy" at a kid's birthday party?
Uhhhh, maybe because kids love that song? I suppose they could play some Lady Gaga instead? What kind of kid's brithday party has a DJ anyway? Obviously some high-rolling little toddlers.

jayme asks:
If humans are so smart and technologically advanced, why can't the whole world have enough food to eat?
There's plenty of food to go around, so it's more a question of allocation of resources, but humans are greedier than they are smart and technologically advanced, so they'd rather be hoarders than sharers.

ricoswaff asks:
 Is the Fertile Crescent a huge crescent roll?
If it was, I'm sure someone would have eaten it by now. I think the Fertile Crescent is actually a deceptively awesome wrestling move or a not-so-awesome sexual technique.

theresa111 asks:
Have you watched the television show on Thursday Night, titled, "S**t My Dad Says" ? 
No. I'm boycotting that show as I am actually kind of annoyed by the fact that some dude exploited his quasi-abusive dad on twitter and turned it into a TV show deal. I wish I had been able to do it first. If only I had a quasi-abusive dad.

JaneneMurphy asks:
If you had a five year-old boy who wanted to dress like Daphne from 'Scooby Doo' for Halloween, would you think he was gay or just developing a wicked fashion sense?
Let's be honest, I'd be a lot more worried if he wanted to start dressing like Shaggy, or worse yet, Fred.

I have 144 followers. Actually I follow 1541 but now it become less. You know how many left?

legbamel asks:
Do you agree with Janene that Daphne from Scooby Doo had a wicked fashion sense or do you, like I do, believe that a purple minidress and a lime green scarf leave plenty of room for improvement?
Call me crazy, but if I had to pick one cartoon lady to spend the rest of my life with, it would probably be Daphne. She should serve as a role model for all young red-headed little's either her or Lindsay Lohan.

TheBoo asks:
What is the best operating system available today?
DOS. I miss floppy disks! Not the little ones either, the big ones that were actually floppy.

JennOfTwoNs asks:
Do you believe girls who wear orange turtleneck sweaters three sizes too big and never know where their glasses are, are fashion-responsible enough to even comment on these sorts of things? 
Is this another Scooby Doo question? Listen, don't read too much into that show. It was just a bunch of kids hanging out with a gigantic talking dog that would solve mysteries inevitably revolving around some bad guy wearing an insanely realistic mask.

Kaja asks:
Since trees outlive human beings, should we consider them to be the superior organism?
Some people would also have you believe that humans can't live without the carbon dioxide (or nitrogen or oxygen or something) produced by trees, so it's not like we could even chop down all the trees if we wanted to. Then we'd all die, and the trees would win, and probably grow back anyway. So, yes, trees are vastly superior to human beings.


  1. If I had known my question about Daphne from 'Scooby Doo' would have resulted in Fred bashing, I would have retracted it. Fred is HOT. His ascot is da bomb and his chest to waist ratio is too sex-ay for words. All men should model themselves after him. Seriously.

    Okay, not seriously.

  2. I disagree with your submissiveness to trees. Trees suck. They are all big and everything, and always judging us, and secretly stealing half of our socks.

    On the plus side, they are flammable.

  3. I don't want to hear any reasons, tell me why you came late? :)

    Hi there Kwe! Just dropped by to say hellooo!


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