November 5, 2010 - Lil Weezy is Freezy!

lil wayne freed from jail
Really Short Story: Look out! Lil Wayne is back on the streets!
Short Story: Well, we all know that Bill Clinton is excited about this. Lil Wayne's dentist is probably excited to see his favorite client get out of jail too. Those grills have got be in desperate need of some maintenance right about now. How about you? I mean, I guess this means that Lil Weezy can get back to releasing albums, right? Wait, what? He just released an album...while he was actually in jail? How does that work? And you thought all those white-collar execs got it easy when they went to those resort jails...I don't see any of them releasing multi-platinum albums during their stay.
johnny damon
November 5, 2010: johnny damon Day! - If Jesus and the Geico cavemen had a son…
WHY?: He's on the Tigers now (I think) but he's been on the Royals, the A's, and the Yankees as well. Let's be honest, though, we don't care about any of that. Anyone who knows Johnny Damon's name outside of the world of baseball knows him because of his years getting his half-Jesus half-Caveman look on with the Boston Red Sox. His mother was Thai and his father American, and he grew up as an army brat with a stuttering problem, but turned in to one of the most well-known, and best baseball players of this generation, with nary a steroid allegation to go along with it.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
milton bradley - Not the insane modern-day baseball player. The insane 19th century dude that invented board games.
gordon ramsay - The celebrity chef to end all celebrity chefs…literally, he'll end all celebrity chefs with his fists if he needs to.
tara reid - I think she used ot be an actress at one point. Then she turned into a poster child for plastic surgery gone wrong.

11/8/10 POTD POLL!
sparky anderson dies
I guess I thought Sparky would just live forever…either because his name is Sparky, or because I thought he was like 80 years old back in the 80's.
dog plays dead really well
No one plays dead better than a dog…I wonder where they learned it.
jake plummer handball star
Football? Check. Handball? Check. What could Jake Plummer possibly do after this?
sarahpac new mama grizzlies ad
It's so cute how crazy middle-aged white women from rural areas now refer to themselves as mama grizzlies. Crazy broads.
cam newton recruited for cash
Surprise, surprise. Let's all pretend like we didn't know you need cash to get the top recruits to come play college football for you!

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