November 4, 2010 - Federal Stimulation, Part Deux

fed to buy billions of bonds
Really Short Story: The Fed wants to stimulate you…or the economy.
Short Story: Well, it appears the Federal Reserve got the message from the American voters on Tuesday: it's time to stimulate the economy! Yeah, I know, I'm just joking. Obviously, it has nothing to do with the election on Tuesday. I'm not even sure who would or would not support the Fed's move to buy back $600 billion in bonds over the coming year. Really, I'm not sure the guys at the Fed know what it's ultimate effect will be, which means the general public surely can't have any idea. Also, I have to imagine that the Fed hasn't just realized that people are still worried about the economy or explored all alternatives in assisting its recovery. If that were the case, then we just might have bigger problems than a potential Sarah Palin Presidential run in 2012. Well, almost as big...
Sean "Diddy" Combs
November 4, 2010: Sean "Diddy" Combs Day! - Call him whatever you want, just don't call him poor!
WHY?: You may know him as Sean Combs…well, maybe if you're his mom. For the rest of us, he will always be Puff Daddy, or Puffy, or P. Diddy, or Diddy, or Diddy's Dirty-ass Money, or something like that. You might also know him as Notorious BIG's best friend and producer, or just as the guy who said "uh huh" on the background of Biggie's tracks. He threw another protege, Shyne, under the bus after a nightclub shooting in 1999. He dated Jennifer Lopez for a while. He created the Making the Band TV show. He has his own popular line of clothing called Sean John. Most importantly, he's rich...really really rich, so he can make you call him whatever he wants, really.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
bill walton - Big goofy redheaded basketball player turned big goofy redheaded basketball announcer.
johnny damon - Most well known for his years (and his Jesus haircut/facial hair) with the Boston Red Sox.
bryan adams - Arguably Canada's greatest rock n' roll artist. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.

11/5/10 POTD POLL!
kevin garnett cancer patient trash talk
KG, slowly blurring/erasing the line between intense competitor and classless jerk.
newscaster throws mic to polar bear
I wish the polar bears would start throwing those pumpkins back. They're bears, I think they'd rather eat some type of fish.
george w and kanye feud
If George W. Bush and Kanye West can't make peace, how can we ever expect our government to get along?
tom cruise climbs worlds tallest building
Don't worry, it was part of a movie he is filming, not some physical/spiritual Scientology journey he had to take to prove his love for Katie and Suri.
bill clinton shouts out to lil wayne
Someone notify George Dubya…this is how you treat our rap stars if you want to build your street cred.

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