November 3, 2010 - A Grand Mid-Term Party

midterm election results
Really Short Story: The GOP finally gets their chance to take undue credit for an economic turnaround.
Short Story: In a not-so-shocking surprise, voters, apparently upset at the continued slowdown in the economy, and thus in the ability to spend money recklessly or as frivously as they once had, voted for some pretty major changes in the makeup of our government yesterday. Much like in 2008, voters made a statement yesterday that they don't like the way things are going, as the GOP made a major move to take the House majority, and put a serious dent in the Democrat majority in the Senate. To spin it for you, the Repubs will be arguing this is a referendum on the current Presidency, and the Dems will be saying it is now time to really get to work. Here's a little spoiler too...if the economy still sucks in 2012, look for the voters to still be angry and vote for all new people to blame their financial woes on. Here's an even better spoiler...the current state of the economy probably will be effected very little by whoever you voted for yesterday.
Dolph Lundgren
November 3, 2010: Dolph Lundgren Day! - Dolph Lundgren must break you.
WHY?: Shockingly his real name isn't Dolph. That's just the world's most awesome nickname. His real name is actually Hans Lundgren, and he is from Sweden, which is funny, because to most of the world (or at least me) he is known as the unbeatable gigantic Russian boxer Ivan Drago that killed former boxing champ Apollo Creed from the all-time classic movie Rocky IV. I am sure he starred in a few other movies, but I really don't care all that much about those. To me, Dolph will always be Ivan Drago, the man who almost made me like the Soviet Union for a little bit...or he'll be the actor with the awesome name who played Ivan Drago.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
Laura Bush - She's no Hillary Clinton, but she's still pretty cool, I guess.
Diddy - No other famous person has changed their alias more times for no good reason.
Matthew McConaughey - The dude without the shirt in all the pictures in the celeb magazines.

11/4/10 POTD POLL!
bad news opening sequence
Ahhhhh, local news. Sometimes they get it right, and sometimes, well…
speed rollerblader celebrates early
If my job title included "Speed Skating Rollerblader" I can't imagine I would ever celebrate anything.
italian leader defends himself
If someone said this in America, gay rights groups would be calling for his head, and Fox News would be saying everyone is too sensitive.
washington state tapeworm measure
I don't know how you get something like this on a ballot, but I sure hope it passed. That sounds like an awesome flag.
madison square garden absbestos
People see good money to see horrible Knicks basketball, so it's disappointing when the games get cancelled due to absbestos.

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