November 18, 2010 - Economic Troubles Bubblin' in Dublin

irish bailout talks
Really Short Story: I think Ireland needs someone to bring them a pot of gold.
Short Story: If you think bailouts are purely an American thing, then you are demonstrating a much more American quality: ignorance of the happenings across the rest of the world. Earlier this year, Greece was facing an economic crisis before it was bailed out by neighboring European countries. Now, it appears it is Ireland's turn to get bailed out, although the Irish government has been hesitant to accept help thus far. However, it appears that the Irish banking system will probably have no other choice but to accept some type of assistance in the coming days. Apparently, the Irish economy can no longer be sustained purely from sales of Guinness, leprechauns and good-luck charms.
Owen Wilson
November 18, 2010: Owen Wilson Day! - Luke Wilson's older brother has done alright for himself.
WHY?: I can't tell you how or why Owen Wilson's nose looks so busted up. I am pretty sure it's not from a distinguished amateur rugby or hockey career. If it's genetic, his brother Luke didn't inherit it. What I can tell you is that Owen's middle name is Cunningham, which is pretty cool. I could also talk about his recent suicide attempt, but that would really be a downer. Instead, let's focus on his long, and hilarious acting career. Starting with Shanghai Noon all the way through Meet The Parents, Zoolander, Wedding Crashers, The Royal Tenenbaums and You, Me & Dupree. Oh, yeah, if you just scratch that last one off the list, and he's had some pretty good moments, and some really great hair.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
kerri strug - I think she used to date Bela Karolyi, or something like that. I don't know, they are tied together somehow.
jodie foster - Real name: Alicia Foster. First Academy Award nomination: 14 years old. First major role: teenage prostitute.
ahmad rashad - There is actually quite a bit about Ahmad Rashad that really surprises me…starting with his real name.

11/19/10 POTD POLL!
child football fan tackled
Let's forget the fact that some drunk guy tackled a kid. Who goes around tackling people in general…let alone children?
man shoots tv after bristol palin dance
Hey, buddy, I think even the people that don't watch Dancing With The Stars are getting tired of Bristol Palin's "abstinence" routine, so we feel your pain.
sandwich in a can
Don't get me wrong…it's one of the grossest things I've ever seen, but you can find much grosser at your local fast food establishment.
dui arrest gets crazy
The funny thing is, it turns out this guy wasn't even drunk…nah, just kidding, I'm pretty sure he was really really drunk.
professor freaks out on yawn
If you think he gets mad at yawns, wait until someone coughs…

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