November 17, 2010 - A Royally Boring Story

prince william engaged
Really Short Story: Some dude in England got engaged to his girlfriend after 8 years.
Short Story: Well, here's some exciting news out of England. It looks like one of the princes has finally asked his girlfriend of 8 years to marry him, and she obviously accepted, because, come on, who doesn't want to be a princess? Unfortunately for the media, it looks like this chick is pretty straight-laced. I'm not even sure if she has any embarrassing "commonfolk" relatives who will be woefully out of place at some upcoming royal function. So, I guess the good news is that the marriage will go off without a hitch next summer some time. The bad news is that, well, I'm not really sure why anyone would really care about this story if it turns out to just be another couple of Brits getting married and pretending like they still have some kind of power over the rest of the country.
danny devito
November 17, 2010: danny devito Day! - No, he's not actually Arnold Schwarzenegger's twin brother.
WHY?: Danny Devito's first big role was probably in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. After that, I don't think anyone expected this little dude to become a big star, but he then starred in the sitcom Taxi, before starring, producing and directing a variety of successful movies, even playing Arnold Schwarzenegger's twin brother in Twins. These days, he gets drunk and stars in the popular FX program It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He also has arguably the most successful Hollywood marriage of all time to Carla from Cheers. They've been married since 1982 and have 3 kids. I'm sure if you measure it on a dollars per inch basis, he's one of the richest dudes in the world, and surely, he serves as inspiration for anyone whoever thought they can't make it in this world because of their looks.

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kevin nealon - Veteran of good Saturday Night Live and guy who commented on Happy Gilmore doing the bull dance and feeling the flow.

11/18/10 POTD POLL!
The problem with assholes like this is that they know they park like assholes, but think they deserve to be assholes.
desean jackson pitbull quote
I know Desean Jackson is young, but surely, he must remember that whole dog-fighting thing Michael Vick was involved in a couple years ago?
metallica guitarist kicks kid
What is a kid doing sitting on stage at a Metallica concert anyway?
pop-a-shot domination
I mean, it seems obvious that the world's most insane pop-a-shot performance would come from a middle-aged Asian woman.
bristol palin the situation psa
Don't you hate when girls who could have starred on 16 & Pregnant try to tell you that you should practice abstinence?


  1. You are absolutely right, the media won't cover as much of the royal wedding as they would had the Princess-to-be been pregnant or alcoholic or used an inappropriate costume at a Halloween party :-P

  2. I look forward to the announcement that, as this is a time of austerity when the Queen is forced to cancel staff Christmas parties and recycle old engagement rings, that the reception will be held in the private room above the Dog and Duck.


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