November 16, 2010 - Putting a New Face(book) on E-mail

new facebook messaging system
Really Short Story: E-mail…redefined…or defined again, at least.
Short Story: Look out Gmail, and look out world! The Facebook plan for complete cyberworld domination continues to move forward, as yesterday, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new all-in-one messaging system tentatively called Titan to be featured on the premier social networking site in all the land. Zuckerberg insists that it's not an e-mail system even though users will be given e-mail addresses and be able to e-mail from the site. It is intended to change the way people communicate. Although, really, it just combines all the old ways that people communicate, and it doesn't sound all that much different than Facebook's previous features, or from what Gmail already offers. Other than that, though, I'm pretty sure that this could finally convince a few of the 100 or so people who don't already use the service to finally get a Facebook account.
dwight gooden
November 16, 2010: dwight gooden Day! - This Doc was trained in totally wasting potential.
WHY?: Until he turned 22 years old, Dwight Gooden was on pace to become one of the greatest pitchers in Major League history. Unfortunately, after posting one of the greatest seasons in history in 1985, and winning the World Series in 1986, things kind of went, well, downhill, fast. During the 1986 offseason, he skipped the World Series victory parade to go on a coke binge, got arrested for fighting with police (leading to riots in Tampa,) got busted for cocaine, and entered rehab. From there, he was never the same. Even though he pitched a no-hitter as a Yankee in 1996, he will still always be more well-known for incidents like this May when he got arrested for DWI with a child passenger and leaving the site of an accident.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
danny devito - The world's shortest man…also married to Carla from Cheers.
rachel mcadams - She put the Mean Girl in Mean Girls, and got played by Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers.
rupaul - Did you know that RuPaul was actually born as a dude?

11/17/10 POTD POLL!
curtis got slapped
Whether this is a real story or not, (and I can't verify one way or the other…) it's a great read. If it happens to be real, all the more fun.
cat versus alligator
Can you photoshop a video? This must have been altered, because I am pretty sure that alligator would have eaten that cat almost immediately.
man living with spiders for charity
Somehow, living in a tiny shop window with 400 deadly spiders is a charitable cause…sounds to me more like a deathwish.
woman fired for big breasts
What kind of backward firm is this that would fire this lady? I thought that was more of a reason to hire people.
ultra tiny japanese home
This guy lives in a house the size of a parking space. I wonder if he parks his car in a parking space the size of a house.

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