November 19, 2010 - GM: Gets Moving (Again)

gm ipo
Really Short Story: GM 2.0, now with cars that you might even want to buy.
Short Story: If you were one of the people that held stock in General Motors before 2009, well, I apologize, but that is some old news (it's also some worthless news,) and we won't be discussing that version of GM stock any more. These days, the hot story on Wall Street is the newest edition of GM stock, back on the market yesterday for the first time since the United States government took over the company last year. The "IPO," a strange term for a company that has been on the New York Stock Exchange for such a long time previously, is on pace to be one of the largest of all time. This success story also demonstrates how poorly GM was being run earlier in this decade when you consider that the United States government, not known for its investment savvy or operating efficiency, was able to steer the ship straight in such a short amount of time.
Kerri Strug
November 19, 2010: Kerri Strug Day! - America's tiniest sprained-ankle victim turned hero.
WHY?: You know, nearly 15 years after Kerri Strug vaulted into United States Olympic lore, and landed in the arms of Bela Karolyi, and the hearts of Americans, I am still not even sure if she was that great of a gymnast. All we really know about Strug is that she has won a gold medal, she had very short hair, a very high voice, was very small, and somehwat emotional. If you're like me, you probably have no recollection of anything little Ms. Strug ever did other than a single vault. You probably did not even see the even live, yet, at a moment's notice, you can conjure up the image of that large mustachioed Romanian man carrying that miniature, crying American girl in the star-spangled spandex, and it very nearly brings a tear to your eye, and the chant of "U-S-A" to your lips....I said nearly.

TOMORROW'S contenders:
jamie lee curtis - Actress (some claim Actor) turned regulation-moderating yogurt spokesperson.
boris becker - Only the second-best red-headed tennis player with the initials of BB of all time.
scarlett johansson - She's a famous actress from…uhhh, from…a bunch of movies, I think. Just none that I can think of off the top of my head.

11/22/10 POTD POLL!
george bush drinking story
George Bush used to drink a lot. Strangely, only before his Presidency.
how dogs think
Ever wondered what a dog is thinking? Here's a hint: not much.
f you on burger king receipt
I say when you order a Whopper value meal from Burger King at 1:41am, you deserve whatever humiliation comes your way.
can you guess the couple
Apparently, the brain is quite gifted at analyzing low-resolution images…either that, or this couple is just so awesome you have to recognize them.
new flight pat-downs
Some passengers liken the new pat-downs to sexual assault…although, to be fair, some people now come to the airport just to get patted down.


  1. I do remember her doing the vault with a broken foot!

  2. Haha, you hit it on the head. I remember NOTHING about Kerri Strug other than being carried by Bela Mustachio.

    I vote Jamie Lee..... I heard she was a hermaphodite and I want some elaboration on this.


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